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  1. ...and in this circumstance, Marisnick knew exactly how to initiate contact, leading with his head & shoulders into an unsuspecting player [in complete violation of the rules]. Lucroy's career is now at risk (catchers and concussions do not end well. See Mauer, Cervell, etc.)
  2. It proves that Marisnick knows how to avoid a tag from the catcher [who's positioned on the fair side of the line], he remained on the foul side the whole way down the line, and slid headfirst with his hand on the plate. Yet, when he started on the same side of the line during the Lucroy collision, he deviates, then drops his head & shoulders into him [well inside the fair side of the line]. This indecent was completely avoidable.
  3. Unless baseball starts wearing shoulder pads, back plates, chest & leg padding, etc. and helmets with face guards throughout the game [like football & hockey], then there's no comparison. The fact is MLB has rules in place to protect players from opponents making intentional contact. That's why Marisnick is going to get suspended... ...even the NFL would of fined him for violating the helmet to helmet rule.
  4. "avoiding the defender at the goalline"...really!? Football is a contact sport, baseball is not...unless you're Jake Marisnick
  5. You schooled me...shooting a hockey puck at a moving target into a small net is just like sliding into home plate on a baseball field.
  6. A player's sole focus is on what he can control, in this case, tagging the plate. Marisnick [3;15] dove, shoulder down, head first, and landed well inside the front of the plate [the exact opposite of what he did in the second video]. In a 10-10 game, Marisnick physically took it upon himself to try and alter the potential outcome of him being tagged.
  7. Here's Girardi breaking down the play, and all agree that Jake's 'eyes were focused only on Lucroy, not the plate, nor the ball'. His intent to hit the catcher is clear. Did he intend on hurting Lucroy? Well, if your going to collide with another player, the risk of injury is inherent. Again, here is Marisnick in a similar situation, notice how he remains on the foul side of the line the entire time, he doesn't deviate. He then slides headfirst outside of the catcher's position [inside the foul line], in order to tag the plate with his hand.
  8. This video breaks down the rules, and proves Marisnick was at fault. Also, notice how he starts off in foul territory, before deviating into Lucroy. Here are two examples where Marisnick clearly stays on the foul side of the line, and sliding without indecent. He knows what he's doing,.. ...and a suspension is more than warranted.
  9. The royals roster incl: Contreras, Abreu, Albies, Machado, Story, Mondesi, JD Martinez, Kris Davis. Also, Strasburg, Snell, Tanaka, Morton, Quintana, Boyd, Hamels... Note: Buxton a Nut has a new owner
  10. Hey, these teams have been inactive for a few weeks, and I'm trying to maintain a competitive league. They're both good teams, and deserving of an active owner. If interested, let me know which team, and include your email for an invite. Buxton a Nut: little blue royals: League Rules Summary: