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  1. I had my eye on him this summer. Then July came with 3 straight starts of 3ER, 4ER, & 6ER all in 3 IP. He may be an average middle of the rotation pitcher, but he's not helping you win your league with starts like that. No thanks.
  2. I see that now. CBS usually doesn't update their stats till the day after that nights games, and they had him at 36 already. I still think he makes it.
  3. 40/40 is looking like a real possibility. A HR and 2 SB tonight brings his season total to 39/38.
  4. I play in a 5X5 and because of the SB I'm taking Yelich & Acuna over Trout with Bellinger 4th. Trout is the greatest player in baseball, and he's proven that. He can't steal bases like Yelich/Acuna can, and as a result he takes a backseat in 2020 drafts to Yelich/Acuna in 5X5 fantasy leagues. If I played in an OPS league maybe I draft differently.
  5. Two more stolen bases today. 36 HR & 33 SB now on the year. Does he get to 40/40? I think so.
  6. He's not a must own in a redraft league or as a hitter. He is a must own in a dynasty league as a pitcher. Next year he will be a top 25 pitcher or better.
  7. In two years this kid will be right up there with Acuna/Soto as one of the best young outfielders in the game. He oozes with talent and his ceiling is way up there. If he hits it lookout.
  8. Outfielder not SS. And he's not that fast. Highest grade I've seen on his speed anywhere is 60. Dude which is it? In one paragraph you said 60 grade speed, and in the next you say 65?
  9. This made me spit my coffee out. Robert will be WAY better than Mike Cameron ever dreamed about being. This kid will rank right up there with Acuna/Soto as one of the top youngest dynasty players a year or two from now. Cameron never ranked that high in dynasty. I was a huge Cameron fan. I drafted him, and kept waiting & waiting for him to put it all together, and it never really happened. I remember once (before the internet) when the only fantasy knowledge you could get was either TV or a magazine, that he was on the cover of a fantasy magazine that was titled "Mike Cameron - Launch Time". The excitement level was up there, and it kind of fizzled. He was a good player, but he never made it to greatness like some predicted.
  10. Everything I've read says this was simply a spot start while Wainwright is out with a back issue. Says he will move back to a relief role.
  11. I play in a dynasty league. Drafted Adalberto Mondesi in our rookie draft in 2013. Rostered him for 4 years, then dropped him when it looked like he was going to be a big bust that couldn't hit. OUCH
  12. Are the Brewers as bad at management as the Rockies? Pathetic
  13. Craig Kimbrel....should eventually sign with someone and will take over as closer.
  14. The day before yesterday Castillo pitched the 8th and Alvarado was warming up to pitch the 9th. TB scored another run in the top of the 9th to go up 4-0, and Alvarado sat back down. He was clearly coming in for the save, before the run was scored. I say it's still a committee with Castillo & Alvarado, with Pagan a distant third.
  15. I asked this same question yesterday, and didn't get an answer. Today is our waiver wire and I'm contemplating dropping him. I can't remember the last time Brasier got a save. He has been killing my WHIP & ERA though, so there is that.