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  1. I've seen some of the best fantasy writers comment on how Colorado is horrible at managing their young guys. How they play useless old guys, while their future rots on the bench.
  2. Going to be interesting, McMahon is on fire this spring as well. If we know one thing Colorado knows how to mismanage their young players.
  3. Brock I didn't mean that this list was how I managed my team talent and draft picks. The list did help more than you think though. I was able to draft Bryce Harper & Stephen Strasburg years ago, before they broke out. There's not a list right now that lets you know how Adley Rutschman stacks up against Joey Bart & Keibert Ruiz, or how Andrew Vaughn stacks up against Malcolm Nunez or Peter Alonso, or how Josh Jung ranks against Bohm, Gorman, India, Apostel, etc.. There was a point where the guy doing the list was obviously throwing mud just to see what would stick, but the upper ranked guys were ranked pretty fair. I scour multiple sites on a daily basis in search of the next big thing like everyone else does. These forums helped me find Acuna & Luzardo & Robles.
  4. I play in a deep dynasty keep forever league. There are some very knowledgeable owners in this league. Sometimes I wonder if some of them are actual minor league scouts lol. There are guys that are plucked years well before they become dominate major leaguers. Every spring we have a "Rookie Draft". The difference between our rookie draft, and a FYPD we can draft anyone. You can draft a current free agent major leaguer, a minor league player, an international player, a college player, or a high school player. Heck you can even draft your 10 year old son if you think one day he will be the next big thing lol. I love Dynasty League Rankings. It helps me rank prospects potential, compared to some of the games current studs. I don't think there is a Dynasty Rankings List that ranks current major leaguers, minors, college, high school, and international players, but I wish there was. Someone did one years ago, but they no longer do. For instance in most dynasty league drafts you can see the 2018 FYPD guys included in the rankings, but it doesn't list the current college, high school, or international guys. It would be nice to see where a Jasson Dominguez, Adley Rutschman, or Riley Greene, etc. stack up.
  5. I picked him up in my dynasty league. I'm not ready to give up yet. His second half in 2017 showed that he could be a budding star (207 AB, .300 AVG, 11 HR, 13 SB). Last year was a lost year to a hairline fracture in his toe, and migraines. All reports are very positive so far this spring. Today was a good start. I get the guys that say he can't hit, because other than the second half of 2017 he hasn't. Buxton plays extremely aggressive in the OF, and he needs to relax a little to avoid the wall crash injuries. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he becomes the star he was supposed to be. He's only 25.
  6. Since it's a Dynasty League I keep Soto everyday, and twice on Sunday. The only way I would consider Scherzer would be if it's a Redraft League, and you're set in the outfield if you trade Soto, and you need pitching.
  7. Which Prospect service rankings do you most use, and most trust?
  8. I agree. If there's anything Colorado does well, it's holding back there young guys from developing. Played average veterans last year while Ryan McMahon rotted on the bench. I worry the same about McMahon/Hampson/Rodgers. In a Dynasty League I'm in I thought about offering Rodgers for Amed, just because of the way Colorado poorly handles their prospects.
  9. I just gave up a ton to get him. He’s a huge bounce back candidate. I recently read an article about the drop off of home runs, especially since the steroid area. They asked one of the experts in the article if a 50 HR season will happen again anytime soon, and if so who had the chance to do it. His answer, Bellinger. I expect Cody to have 1B & OF eligibility every year.
  10. Good call on the Larnach miss. I somewhat agree with you on Franco. I get the “He hasn’t proven anything yet”. A lot of sites have him ranked higher purely on potential. Whats your thoughts on Jazz Chisholm?
  11. No Vidal Brujan or Kristian Robinson stuck out for me. Thought Wander Franco was a little low.
  12. He said he saw my screen picture, clicked on my account and read some of my tweets which led him to believe I was a conservative and he blocked me. All I did was like a tweet that he didn’t agree with. Once again I could care less. I’m not gonna get into a political debate with anyone. I’m here strictly for prospects changing the subject. The only point I was trying to make is I think it’s silly that people do stuff like that. We should be able to discuss anything regardless of our political beliefs .
  13. If I had had access to it, which I no longer do for being blocked, I would screenshot it and show you.
  14. So many times I have to bite my tongue, and continue scrolling. Some of the best fantasy minds I follow on Twitter, tweet stuff that is the exact opposite of half the countries beliefs. I get the “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion” stuff, and I can usually get past it. However some of them (Particularly Law) are constant political hacks. If I wanted to watch politics, I would turn the news on. There should be a way to just discuss baseball, and a way to discuss politics. I could care less about any of the baseball writers political views, no matter which way they lean. Law blocked me me on Twitter because my Screen Picture is the US Flag. Seriously? Before he blocked me he was bragging about how many people he had blocked, and literally attacking all conservatives with his hate filled speech. Not all people are the same, and shouldn’t be grouped together. I apologize for discussing politics, as all they do is cause hatred & division. I left Facebook because of it. I come to places like this to get away from them. C’mon Opening Day!