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  1. I play in a dynasty league. Drafted Adalberto Mondesi in our rookie draft in 2013. Rostered him for 4 years, then dropped him when it looked like he was going to be a big bust that couldn't hit. OUCH
  2. Are the Brewers as bad at management as the Rockies? Pathetic
  3. Craig Kimbrel....should eventually sign with someone and will take over as closer.
  4. The day before yesterday Castillo pitched the 8th and Alvarado was warming up to pitch the 9th. TB scored another run in the top of the 9th to go up 4-0, and Alvarado sat back down. He was clearly coming in for the save, before the run was scored. I say it's still a committee with Castillo & Alvarado, with Pagan a distant third.
  5. I asked this same question yesterday, and didn't get an answer. Today is our waiver wire and I'm contemplating dropping him. I can't remember the last time Brasier got a save. He has been killing my WHIP & ERA though, so there is that.
  6. Highly doubtful. James hasn’t been very good in relief appearances. His last outing was his best outing of the year. Corbin Martin has been on fire in AAA and is getting first crack at it. He’s way better than James.
  7. I hear ya, I have 12 in the Top 50! Boom the future looks bright.
  8. Is Brasier officially out as the Boston closer? Big Bat Theory? Minter missed ST and is behind the 8 Ball. Minter is also young. I could see Minter getting things worked out in AAA, and coming back up, and pitching better. Can he get the closers job back from Jackson though? Knowing my luck he will, and then ATL will sign Kimbrel.
  9. I'm waiting a week or possibly two. The article I read said even if he does return this week, he may not play everyday. I'm waiting till he's playing on a regular everyday schedule which won't be long.
  10. Someone to keep an eye on. Recently converted from RP to SP. Quietly having a good showing. Through 5 starts: 32.2IP, 26H, 7BB, 29K, 1.01WHIP, 2.48ERA. He just sat down the hot Boston bats yesterday to the tune of 7IP, 4K's, 0BB, 3Hits, 1ER.
  11. Wow. Houston is loaded with good pitching prospects. Add Ivey to the list with Whitley, Abreu, Martin, and now Ivey. Plus they have James if he ever puts it all together. This could be a rotation of the ages one day.
  12. He's young and one of the youngest players in his league. Patience. The power will come. You better jump on him now if he's available.
  13. Useless? That's an absurd statement. Start of his sophomore campaign for a 20 year old. This guy has multiple all-star appearances ahead. He's had trouble hitting lefties, and was set to face four of them this week.
  14. I agree. Reminds me of his dad whom I rostered, and kept waiting for the "Launch Time" which never happened. Has loud tools, but that batting avg. will kill you.
  15. Sounds like a guy that owns him......I agree with a bounce back though. Have to think Alvarado is the closer.
  16. Patience my friend. Fangraphs has Bohm ranked higher than Gorman and so does Baseball America. The tools are there. He will eventually mash.
  17. Very possible, regardless if it's Tuesday or the weekend, his return is imminent.
  18. I play in a CBS league. They're reporting he'll be back this Tuesday.
  19. I agree. I think he's going to have a meteoric rise like Acuna & Soto.
  20. Let's not forget Ryan McMahon will be back this week as well. He was clearly the 2B, before Daniel Murphy was hurt. It's going to be very interesting in May when everyone is back & fully healthy.
  21. 2-3 with a HR yesterday. It's just an aggressive swing mini slump. This kid is a hitting machine. He was probably ticked off for not making the MLB roster, and swinging at everything thrown at him.
  22. Buxton 2-5 (2 2B) SB yesterday.....heating up.
  23. Depends every case is different. A mild one can heal itself within a few days of rest. More severe cases can take weeks or months to heal, especially if surgery is needed.
  24. Probably sending him down there to get stretched out to start. He needs innings and needs to get his confidence built back up. Isn't going to happen in the bullpen in St. Louis. He'll be back. His arm is too good to be a minor league pitcher.