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  1. Cedric Mullins 2018 Outlook

    This guy is straight-up raking
  2. David Peralta 2018 Outlook

    I traded Cody Allen for David Peralta on May 13th AMA
  3. David Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Another multi hit day with a bomb .303 61 23 65
  4. Kyle Gibson 2018 Outlook

    Gibson is the sort of quiet value that gets you into the playoffs. Especially in Kp9 league
  5. Lucas Giolito 2018 Outlook

    Gioloto is like a fantasy baseball litmus test
  6. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Hit his first bomb of the season tonight off Montas
  7. Alex Verdugo 2018 Outlook

    Any chance Verdugo gets regular playing time? IDK the status of LA OF right now
  8. May Closer Thread 2018

    If he has anything going for him it's that the Phillies are in contention. And while Kapler is gonna make it needlessly complicated, at a certain point he's going to stop using Neris and bad pitchers in spots where they blow games. As opposed to noncontending team that wants to build a less valuable RP up to trade him. I'm optimistic
  9. May Closer Thread 2018

    Hopefully but not 100% sold yet, it's Kapler. Very encouraging, at the least. I think he will get more chances. Just would not be surprised if Kapler makes it frustrating.
  10. May Closer Thread 2018

    Just traded for him yesterday, hoping for a quick inning two out save but don't expect that lol. Doubt Kapler would let him go two unless it's maybe under 10 pitch inning
  11. Anthony Rendon 2018 Outlook

    No. He's been injured and underperforming. But still has a .358 OBP and .825 OPS. Rendon is one of the most reliable ratios guys in the league, and thats what you should have drafted him knowing. He's up there with Kris Bryant as far as his hit tool goes.
  12. May Closer Thread 2018

    I went with Santana figuring that some people might look at Feliz's bad stats (past 3 outings) and leave him on the wire. If he gets the first save opp I'll be monitoring closer than anyone else and grab him then.
  13. May Closer Thread 2018

    Went with Santana. Figure you just have to go with the usage, even if Rodriguez is the higher upside guy. Have to think for a may or maybe not contending team like the Pirates, saves are an opportunity to turn someone into trade value. I don't know enough about the situation to say how they value Santana and Rodriguez. If one is expendable and if they want one to be on their next contending team.
  14. May Closer Thread 2018

    Feliz has been hot garbage lately and the other guy has been used in low leverage, meh idk
  15. Lucas Giolito 2018 Outlook

    That's exactly what I was thinking watching his first two "quality" starts and 3rd outing of the year. You have had to watch him pitch to see how truly terrible he has looked. K:BB has been by far the worst in baseball. Through those first 3 starts he had thrown like half his pitches for balls. I had never wanted to bail on a player so bad. Managed to flip him for Kevin Gausman who started the season with that 6 er dud. Don't worry though my team is still doing plenty bad, lol. Someone said he looked like a bad A-Ball pitcher out there, thats the descriptor thats stuck for me. There has been no reason for optimism with him, at all.