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  1. Thought my roster was in the sig line. Here it is: 12-Team, H2H Points, Non-Keeper League C - Grandal 1B - Carpenter 2B - Albies 3B - Suarez SS - Correa OF - Betts, Soto, Eaton UTIL - D. Murphy, Cano BN - Dietrich, Jose Martinez, Adames P - Cole, Bumgarner, Mikolas, Hendricks, Buehler, Guerra, Gomber, Lucchesi, Flaherty, Gio Gonzalez, Rondon DL - Ramos, McCullers
  2. I'm in a daily points league and happened to snag Wilson Ramos when an injury-plagued team had to drop him, so now I'm trying to decide between him and Grandal. Who would you keep? I'm hoping to flip the other for an outfielder since I'd consider these guys top-4 catchers right now.
  3. I will definitely put him in another slot when Murphy gets back if I don't trade him. This is exactly why I was looking for input because it is a tough call. Acuna could be a monster and then I'd feel like a dweeb for not taking him, especially if Albies regresses hard. I'm just torn.
  4. Just had someone offer his Acuna for my Albies straight up. Would you do it? It leaves me having to fill 2B until Murphy comes back, probably with Kingery. This is NOT a keeper or dynasty league.
  5. Thoughts on this? This is a weekly points league.
  6. Some of his batted ball rates have me concerned that regression is going to hit him hard if he doesn’t start taking more walks. But if he starts walking and getting SBs, he’s still a dandy. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Oh, it’s not a keeper league, or we wouldn’t even be having this talk!
  8. I do have Murphy on the DL, and he should be back relatively soon, so that makes me a little more comfortable with it. Thanks for that feedback!
  9. There’s a Braves fan in my league who has been salivating over Albies and tried to downplay his interest until now. He messaged me to see the asking price. Below is his roster. What would YOU be asking? My roster and settings are in my Sig. C - W. Castillo 1B - Cabrera 2B - Baez SS - Swanson 3B - Moustakas OF - Bryant, Harper, Bruce UTIL - Frazier, Panik BENCH - Story, Dietrich, Yelich, Acuna, Ahmed SP - Severino, Grienke, A. Wood RP - Andrew Miller, Hader P - Cueto, Morton, A. Sanchez BENCH - J. Montgomery
  10. Did he offer the trade? Is there someone on his squad you’d rather h Do you know if he happens to be a Braves fan so you can try to get the emotions of fandom involved?
  11. After offering C. Seager for Severino straight up, he's coming back with this (he's a Braves fan who is downplaying his interest in Albies, but I know he wants him) I give: Seager, Albies, and Fulmer He gives: Severino and Panik I'm not making this deal. Zero interest in Panik. His regression is going to be hard and fast, and I don't want any part of it. If I were to get Severino and Yelich in return for that package, would you make that deal?
  12. I'd probably cut Perez and hold on to Knebel.
  13. Shoot. Sorry. Roster is below: 12-Team, H2H Points, Non-Keeper League C - Grandal 1B - J. Martinez 2B - Albies 3B - Harrison (Lamb on DL) SS - Correa OF - Betts, Buxton, Eaton UTIL - C. Seager, S. Kingery BN - Lucroy, Lamb, Fowler, Belt, Bird SP - Cole, McCullers, Hendricks RP - Rivero, Strickland P - Mikolas, Fulmer, Lively BN - Betances DL - D. Murphy, Bumgarner
  14. First topic here, so please let me know if there's more I need to provide aside from what is in the sig line. Got a guy in my league who is THIRSTY for a shortstop. Has been since the draft. I happened to draft Correa and Seager, so I've been letting him work up a little lather for the first two weeks. He has also expressed some interest in grabbing G. Bird to store on the DL (which is the only reason I'm still holding him). This is my first fantasy team in a few years, so I'm rusty on trades. If you were in my shoes, would you offer C. Seager for Severino? I have a feeling he'll want something to replace that SP, so I thought about tossing in someone like Hendricks to give him a reliable starter if he asks. In this H2H straight point accumulation setup, SPs do have good value, so I don't think he'd do a straight swap. Thoughts?