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  1. I like Price as a bounce back this year....but tbh if your pitching is already decent I'd keep Pham he checks a lot of boxes.
  2. Depending on your pitching depth I'd stick with what you've got
  3. 10 team H2H. Most teams are carrying between 3-4 closers (slim pickings left). 3 move limit per week, and 30/move limit per season. I need one more closer...Leone is on a better team and has impressed, but who knows if he keeps his job. Greene on the other hand is on a bad team, and looked shaky last year. Whats my play here?
  4. In a 10 team H2H league...I've got Osuna and Rivero (also Britton on the DL but may parlay that into a trade) as closers already, but there are a few teams with 3-4 closers. I feel the need to add another. Claudio, Nate Jones/Soria, Ziegler, Leone, and Shane Greene all still available (basically bottom of the barrel). Worth it or no? Hoping Holland lands somewhere.
  5. Thanks for the reply, I have 18 active players and Britton on the DL is my 19th its very odd. Anytime I try to add a 19th active player it tells me I must drop a player.
  6. Hi guys I'm new to these forums and would really appreciate any help. I'm the co-comish of a 10 team H2H (yahoo). Each team has 19 roster spots and 2 DL spots. Theres a bit of an arms race going on with closers, so I thought I'd be slick and replace Gregerson with Britton in hopes of placing/saving him on the DL while opening up another roster spot. However when I went to add another player this morning the Yahoo app requested I drop a player. Our league has a limit on roster moves so this is really screwing me over. Is there a setting that should be changed? I've always been able to add another player while keeping one on the DL in previous years. Thanks
  7. Leone is not guaranteed his spot, and Brach is sharing closing duties from my understanding with Britton due back before the All Star break
  8. Can't go wrong with either but Blackmon is going to check more boxes
  9. Votto owner is getting the L on that deal
  10. I wouldn't his position isn't set in stone...if you're going to drop anyone its Treinen
  11. Dexter...but many Jays bloggers have picked Morales to have a bounce back.
  12. Hello, Brand new to the forums. I'm currently playing in a 10 person h2h (yahoo) league with 19 available roster spots. Each team has 2 DL spots so I decided to pick up Zach Britton after our draft and store him on my DL. Now I only have 18 active players, and when I go to add a 19th active player it asks me to drop one. Isn't the whole point of a DL spot to free a roster spot for a replacement? Just wondering why I can't? And what settings need to be changed in order to fix this. Thanks