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  1. not worried where he starts the year, if he hits theyll move him up
  2. If he come back may 1st and plays 5 times a week.. he should be top 70
  3. im assuming theyll keep him under 150 innings this year, what could we see. 10 wins 150 ks 3 era?
  4. Who takes that leap? That player who takes major leaps and bounds... that 75-150 ranked player or out of nowhere, who becomes a top 20-50 player . My guess... Matt Chapman, Franmil Reyes, Yasuiel Puig Yours?
  5. Would be kinda surprised if he isn't top 20 player by the end of the year... Gonna have to reach for him a litttle
  6. Dare I say huge year... 275 35 hrs? Any takers?
  7. if fully healthy, a lock for 550-600 at bats. nothing to worry here
  8. What's this guys adp? 20/20 is a real possibilty!
  9. if he gets his 450 at bats vs rhp i dont see why he wouldnt hit 270 with 30 hrs. all for free. enjoy
  10. Anyone else have a bery sneaky feeling about this guy this year? age 27 if that means anything.. 30-35 hrs out of the question. it has to happen right?
  11. I think hes a lock to hit 30 hrs with full time at bats. 270- 30- 90