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  1. We had one team open up mid season. We'd like to find an owner to take CIN for the remainder of the season. We simply ask that you pay next years $75 entry. This team has 3 first round picks in next years rookie draft so there is significant opportunity to grow this team. Please email me if you're interested.
  2. $40 - ESPN H2H - Draft Wed 9PM EST

    I sent you a message. send me an invite -- I'll pay promptly
  3. sent you a message -- would like an invite.
  4. I'm interested depending on the draft date/time 50 dollars would be good.
  5. I'm looking for the same.
  6. have another guy looking for the same so we could add 2 to a league running a setup like this.
  7. Hey everyone -- looking to join a fantasy basketball league that fits the following criteria: ESPN only 14+ Team (might be open to 12 if it is otherwise a perfect fit) H2H Auction draft time is set 50 - 75ish dollar entry through LeagueSafe please shoot me an email if you know of a fit Thanks
  8. the 14th team we had backed out so we have one more spot. Please email me if interested
  9. 1 spot filled. now as many as 3 spots open
  10. interested in an auction?
  11. This league was full but we've had a couple of non-payers. We could have as many as 4 spots open so please shoot me an email if you'd like a spot -- Immediate payers could be added right away at this point. Please email me
  12. Looking for $100-$150 auction league

    emailed you