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  1. I agree with you, but I'm not comfortable with "curb it as needed" when there is $500 of winnings on the line. The last two league champions had 445 and 412 acquisitions (!). This really would need to be stopped with a rule set in stone.
  2. Sorry guys. Deleting this league. Not enough owners.
  3. A simple rule to resolve this without making any league changes is that no one can pick up a player that they have personally dropped in the past five days. It can be a fixed rule that is followed/monitered by league members (rather then just asking people to try to limit it).
  4. Have you considered an acquisition limit? Based on all your previous year’s results, the only way to win this league is to use over 400 acquisitions. I understand streaming pitchers is a strategy, but this league appears to have taken it out of control. This particular team (attached) seems to pick up and drop the same pitchers every single day, and he is awarded by winning the league each year. Like I said, I love activity- but it seems to have gotten to a point where this league is simply won by whoever has the most time to rapidly pick up/drop pitchers all day long.
  5. Let’s see if we can fill this up and draft tonight SATURDAY 3/31 Post email address to join
  6. Very active owner here. I am available to draft and will pay, but can we get rid of the trade limit? Trading is fun and very important in Roto.
  7. All depends when we fill up. Hopefully in the afternoon. 3-5pm EST
  8. Need 4 more owners 10 Team ESPN Snake Roto ACTIVE MANAGERS ONLY Settings: $100 per team on LeagueSafe: We will pick a draft time once league fills. POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO JOIN If you don't join after I send you the invite, I will invite someone else.
  9. 4 have joined. 3 more have invites and not joined yet.
  10. Need a couple players for draft today if anyone is interested! 10 Team ESPN Snake Roto Draft 3pm EST ACTIVE MANAGERS ONLY $100 per team on LeagueSafe: Here are the settings:
  11. Make an ESPN account! I'm looking for a couple more owners: 10 Team ESPN Snake Roto Draft 3pm EST ACTIVE MANAGERS ONLY $100 per team on LeagueSafe: Here are the settings: