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  1. I got Bagley for the president earlier this year. Fair trade i think.
  2. warriors are a mess and i love it. way too many mouths to feed. jordan bell is going to lose his s---. get no burn.
  3. Killing my boy batum right about now. Buzz kill batum badly.
  4. I traded Otto-matic for Tatum in a 8 man rotation league. I don't even know how it will turn out.
  5. He and Lauri is a great high low combo. Even Poortis. They can all maneuver around the high post and space the floor with shooting or movement. This guy sets great screens and opens up the floor. Bulls rebuild was fast. No one wants Robin Lopez? He is just languishing.
  6. Batum is a known commodity. He always has rough patches. Watch what he averages when the year is over. I'm trying to buy low where I can.
  7. I trust Jerry West. I'm looking forward to see what the Clippers do in this upcoming draft.
  8. I wouldn't mind paying Smart. Brings intangibles and lockdown D. He plays extremely hard. He doesn't mind drawing the charge and giving up his body. And if he ever learns to shoot, he will be a solid overall player.
  9. Don't most people already feel they are a dynasty now?
  10. I'd imagine even when he gets back, he will be facing heavy minutes limitations and missed games peppered throughout his already shortened season. Roll the dice and pair him with Porzingis. Then you'd really have something cooking.
  11. I'll let someone else ante up to get him. Reeks of Elton Brand. This is the kind of risk I never take.
  12. True... but he really laid an egg. It is really depressing see him play so bad. I hope he does better in the playoffs. Or maybe I don't so I can get him for cheap next year. Such a confusing year for Turner.
  13. I agree. The price is right with Turner next year. Hopefully they will find a way to play him and Sabonis together. Thad Young is still productive though, so I don't know what will happen. I'm hoping for prime Ibaka next year. LOL
  14. I was burned by him in many leagues. The only thing I take away is... I hope he shows growth in the offseason. The skill set is there, he just has to be more consistent. The only people I put on my DND list are people coming off major injuries. If the price is right, I will gladly draft Turner in the auctions I will do. I'll probably also target Chriss. I'm psychotic like that.