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  1. I've only had 2 drafts so far, one auction(H2H) and one snake(Roto). I got Towns and CP3 in both leagues. I just am very high on Towns and his ability to never miss games. Jimmy is gone and I think KAT will be the top roto player. In H2H, Towns enables you to construct your team however you want, without thinking about punting. And with Paul, I think the price is good for the possible return on investment. Always been a fan of him, and although his situation is murky, he is historically an elite roto point guard and I just hope he plays 65+ games, especially for when it matters, in the head to head league. I think he will shine in the games he plays, especially without sharing the court with Harden. I can also envision a scenario where CP3 goes crazy to increase his trade value and then gets dealt. Or his hamstring can explode. But I managed the injury risk of Paul by having Towns as the centerpiece for my teams.
  2. I'm high on Ja because of the pace the Grizziles are expected to implement. Also, he has moxie and I feel he will be ready from the jump to be a solid fantasy contributor. Hoping his FG% won't tank his value.
  3. On Yahoo, Winslow is listed as a PF. I think at one time last year he had, PF, SF, PG eligibility. Interesting to watch.
  4. I am definitely interested if some roto leagues if you are running any. Just let me know. Thanks.
  5. Yeah this looks like the most viable option. Anyone have a good comparison of Fantrax and yahoo pro leagues?
  6. how much have you guys seen him go for in auctions (roto)?
  7. Can someone put me on to how the pro leagues work? How to join, I don't see an option for pro leagues on the site. my bad, i think i see it now
  8. I stick to yahoo. I was surprised to see that espn is already up and running.
  9. I have decided to stop playing H2H and only play roto leagues for money. As many others have said, the last few weeks of the season are only going to get more silly. There is no perfect system to offset the trends we have seen in recent seasons, but roto is the best option when you are just focused on making money.
  10. I got Bagley for the president earlier this year. Fair trade i think.
  11. warriors are a mess and i love it. way too many mouths to feed. jordan bell is going to lose his s---. get no burn.
  12. Killing my boy batum right about now. Buzz kill batum badly.