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  1. Bochy likes Watson as a lefty specialist. He won't close unless it's a lefty heavy inning at bat.
  2. I've been keeping an eye on him. Love his versatility and skill. Looks like Brewers are going to use him in a Marwin-esque super-utility role with regular at-bats wherever there's a need. Makes for a useful addition IMO.
  3. My take on the Giants closer situation: - It's a committee for now. - It will cease to be a committee when Melancon can pitch back to back games. As far as the current committee goes, I'd rank them: 1. Melancon: will close the second half of the season and is the inevitable choice to close. It's just a matter of time/healing. 2. Smith: nasty stuff, SP eligible in Yahoo, should be a good source of HLDs as well. He should be owned. 3. Watson: lefty specialist, excellent HLDs, likely will be the "lefty closer" option in the committee. Should be owned especially in HLDs leagues. 4. Moronta: throwing fire right now, unproven, has closing experience in minors, walks a lot of guys. 5. Dyson: really not a closer and never was. Will be a decent source of HLDs post all-star break.
  4. Again, Melancon will get his job back when he's healthy enough to pitch back to back games. The real question is: how long will it take?
  5. I think Moreland makes a top-tier Util or CI, though he's too streaky for me to run him out at 1B all year. I just sold high in my 16 team league where I was starting him at one of two Util spots. His value seems highest it's been all year right now.
  6. Crowded OF makes him the fifth or sixth guy after Cutch, Hernandez, Pence, Williamson, Jackson, and even Hanson. Doubtful he gets anywhere near enough playing time to make a difference in terms of fantasy.
  7. Well Dyson didn't blow the save but he sure tried hard enough. Gotta assume if/when Melancon is healthy enough to go back to back games he'll be closing full time.
  8. I hear you. Seems like you have one concern (M's health). I have this argument: - Melancon was bought and paid for for one reason and one reason only: be the closer he has been for the past three years. - Dyson is an above-average bullpen trade piece that we stole from the Rangers. He closed last season (after Melancon got injured) and did a very shaky job. I watched most of the season and he got very lucky, allowed nearly a hit per inning, and didn't inspire anything close to confidence. - Who got to close this season? Not Dyson, but Strickland. So Dyson is not the Giants closer but a fill-in guy who may or may not do the job. Let me put it a different way: other than health, why wouldn't it be Melancon's job? And if your answer is only health then you should be buying Melancon because he is looking healed and gets the ASB to boot. Melancon's 162 game average for his career: 2.71 ERA, 1.06 WHIP, 8.2 K/9, 2 BB/9, 0.5 HR/9, 25 SV Other than last season in which he was injured, the last time he threw an ERA over 2.23 was in 2012. Yeah he has an injury concern but that's just about it. He gets a week or two to get the feel and the ASB to continue to heal. I fail to see why he won't be the guy he's literally always been (top 10 closer, if not higher).
  9. I've been saying this for a month or so... the writing was very clearly on the wall. Time to buy low on Melancon is rapidly disappearing, maybe a week at best. Assuming he keeps the job (which he will barring injury), he should be a top 10 if not top 5 closer ROS.
  10. Melancon now 1.5 guys (half of Dyson and Moronta) away from closing. ETA to closer role about a week. Buy now if you can.
  11. As I said in the Strickland thread, there's no way we run a Watson/Dyson committee the rest of the year. Those guys are far too valuable in their respective 8th inning/high leverage roles. Melancon will be closing within a couple weeks. The window to buy low is rapidly closing here as he could have been had off the wire or for next to nothing a couple weeks ago.
  12. Votto read this thread and got annoyed with the doubters. So he hit a grand slam and walked twice today. He also built a school for orphans out of broken bats.
  13. I think Strickland will continue to be valuable in leagues that count HLDs, but I doubt he gets more than 5 saves throughout the rest of the season (unless Melancon gets injured again). I think Melancon is closing within a week or so as this supposed Dyson/Watson committee is a waste of resources for the pen; Bochy will want them back in their respective 8th inning/high leverage situations where they have excelled this season.
  14. That's ok. The Nimmo-hype-train is very forgiving. Hop on board!
  15. My boy can't catch a break here despite hitting .317 with a .481 OBP over the past two weeks. He's got 12 BBs to 7 Ks in that span, giving you 6 runs and 8 RBIs. How's he supposed to hit home runs if pitchers won't throw strikes? You want him to start reaching for pitches outside of the zone to pad your team's stats but Votto pads nothing other than the heavens with clouds.
  16. Looks like he's righted the ship this month. Anyone else looking to add in redraft leagues?
  17. Sorry I wasn't clear. My projection was for a full 600 AB season. Agreed that he doesn't reach those numbers this year. I like your call there at 61-15-67.
  18. I saw and concluded the same. Waste of a bench spot for a month, though I'd keep him on my watch list throughout.
  19. As much as I hate to see Miggy go down (he was one of my favorite hitters to watch play the game), this injury has to mean good things for Hicks who will now be starting almost every game. Projecting him out this season he'd end around 80 - 20 - 90 - .285 - .320. That's easy money from the C position this year. Personally, I think he'll regress a bit and think that, barring injury, he could end around 75 - 20 - 75 - .265 - .320. Roster worthy for sure.
  20. Alonso (196 AB): 26 R, 11 HR, 34 RBI, .240 AVG, .312 OBP Encarnacion (209 AB): 31 R, 16 HR, 40 RBI, .244 AVG, .319 OBP Sano (129 AB): 16 R, 7 HR, 25 RBI, .202 AVG, .273 OBP Hoskins, Braun, Gallo, Desmond, Zimmerman, the list goes on. Compared to most of these guys, Alonso wasn't even in the 1B discussion pre-season. Who's overrated?
  21. I was waiting for the HLD with Conley and he got it last night. I'm in. But every time I've picked up Hicks he's blown up heavy so...
  22. People always seem willing to pay for saves and Strickland boasts clean ratios, a headliner team, and double-digit saves. He's been very consistent this season and could return you ~top-100 player if you target a manager in competition who needs saves (maybe someone who lost a closer recently to a suspension or committee). Sell high just means you gain ROS in the deal. If it's a redraft then Strickland is a great sell high IMO because I don't think he'll be closing in a month.
  23. Dude is literally ranked #28 in my 16-team league. If he's waiver wire fodder then why even draft? Just grab whoever wears shoes and field a team.