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  1. Taillon pulled after 3 IP for no apparent reason (no runs allowed, few hits, pitching well). Likely injured.
  2. He was dropped a week or so back in my 16 team league and I picked him up, but dropped him yesterday. No one has swooped yet. At this point I like Zobrist and Kendrick better than him if you need 2B help.
  3. I'm also leaving him benched tonight. Wait and see because, who knows, the air could be too humid for him and he might have to have another week off.
  4. This thread will become a great record of how emotions and outlooks change so rapidly during a season. In three weeks we'll be reading posts like: "Two more SBs, can this guy be stopped???" "Look at this moonshot by Goldy. I dropped my dinner." "Traded Goldschmidt for Acuna a month ago, how do I recover value?" Buy low. FYI, Goldy's 162 game average over 8 seasons: 106 R, 30 HR, 107 RBI, 20 SB, .296 AVG, .398 OBP. Lord, buy low.
  5. Odd projection. He hit .333 through the minors and .279 last season. Also 27 dongs in 373 ABs...
  6. Goldy is just trying on his best Votto impression, and he's not very good at it. He'll drop the act soon enough.
  7. Probably that recommending a sell-high on Lowrie is like recommending eating breakfast in the morning. Sure, someone may not have known that food is good for you before a day of work but who are you really writing for?
  8. That's what I said and I joined an active 16 team league. Conforto was dropped last week and just this morning I saw F Vazquez hit the wire. Everyone panics in their own way I guess, so just stay on top of the wire and let them come to you. No shame in that game.
  9. Home: 16 IP, 7.31 ERA, 1.63 WHIP Away: 23 IP, 3.42 ERA, 1.09 WHIP My opinion is unchanged on starting him at home vs the Angels. MIL is a different story though.
  10. I like the turn around but LAA at Coors next start? No thanks. Looks like MIL at Coors after that, unless he gets bumped then he'd get @SD.
  11. I drop him whenever I have an injury or a great WW add. Then I add him whenever I can again, but yeah, my league actually counts walks and he has as many as Morton does in half the innings. I feel like he's figuring it out: he has the K upside but he's wild and not being able to locate. I fear that it's a "turn the corner" kind of situation and I'll give up on him right before he does and he's lights-out for the rest of the season.
  12. I suggest you and @summersoff7 go to the Joey Votto 2018 thread and read the last two pages. Yes a slump is a slump and it feels bad watching your guy be bench-worthy. But the reason you paid a first round pick is because you know that he will turn it around. And when he does it will be glorious. For example, some folks were peeing their pants over Votto's slow April. You know what he did? He went out and got an engineering degree and literally built a house complete with a home theater so these people could watch him hit dongs for the rest of the year in comfort. Then he went thusly over the past 14 days: .298 AVG, .525 OBP, 4 HR, 10 RBI, 10 R, 18 BB, 9K. Would you like that production on your team? Of course, so stop fretting and enjoy the ride. Goldy will be mashing soon enough.
  13. Well... I got pumped up by this thread, started him, and it ended quite well. Thanks @Dirtywater97 @Saucy @Buddha @bigbluecrew56. He had a no-hitter until the 7th or 8th. Dominant to say the least.
  14. Buy low: Jose Altuve. A quick glance into the Altuve thread here reveals owners are seriously disheartened by their top-5 pick failing to do top-5 stuff other than hit for average and score runs. Dude will get to stealing and donging soon enough and this may be the last opportunity (read: Votto a week and a half ago) to get a discount. No one is going to trade him for peanuts but you might be able to swing a guy taken in the second round and a high-value flier for him.
  15. I don't see Arano getting a ton of HLD opps this year. Before Neris Philly runs Garcia and Morgan, then they have Hunter who just came off the DL and should slot into the setup position until Neshek gets back. So it'll likely be Neris>Neshek>Hunter>Garcia>Morgan>Arano. Slim pickings on the HLDs there for Arano though he could leap frog the latter two if he continues to dominate.
  16. I think you have to go Arano in 5X5. A league that counts holds is obviously totally different but Arano has been basically unhittable thus far.
  17. He will hit a grand slam tomorrow in the first inning while batting third. Then he will leave the ballpark and fly to Miami, making it in time to start. He will gear up as a Marlin and the Phillies will see this and refuse to play. So he will gear up as a Philly as well and the Marlins will refuse to play. It will be the greatest game ever played and will end in a week because they ran out of baseballs. En Votto Veritas.
  18. This is the type of thread talk that motivates him. I salute you sir and together we shall ride the Votto-can-do-anything-in-the-world train to glory.
  19. I feel like Votto actually does monitor this thread. Since we've been arguing about his supporting cast: he hit a fat dong then hit a fat two-run dong then hit a fat three-run dong It's like he's subtly trying to tell us something. Grand slam tonight? He could do it, you know, just because.
  20. Votto probably saw this thread get to 10 pages and was like, "ok, I guess I'll start hitting now... can't let this nonsense go on any longer."
  21. After Hill comes back, what is the probability that he ends up in long relief in the pen until the next starter goes down?
  22. Charlie Morton is probably a sell high. Love the guy but I doubt his value gets any higher than it is right now.
  23. Yahoo is saying he draws the Twins at home next start (4/25). I'm tempted to hold onto him until then and see but if something decent hits the waivers he's first to go.
  24. Wow. I don't have to eat breakfast anymore because that pitch is enough food for my day.