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  1. This may be a case of 5X5 being too simplistic a setting to display a player's value. I play in a 16 team league with a lot more categories and Benintendi fills up the sheet every week. 21 BBs to 30 Ks. 12 doubles. 3 triples. Leads my team in runs with 28. The guy seems to do it all really. I'm not sour about the 3 HRs because players, especially young ones, find their power stride at different times in the season. The jacks will come but I doubt he gets to 30 as we're already a fourth into the season. I think 20-30 is a fair and reasonable projection.
  2. I'm seeing a lot of confidence going his way right now. He's had literally one bad game and has otherwise been almost perfect. 11 Ks to 0 BBs? I'll wager that barring injury he gets 90% of the save opps from here out and converts like a boss. He's got top 5 RP stuff and is finding his groove.
  3. Votto caused the earthquake on purpose to test his back strength. He underestimated his own powers and will rest. To return he will cause a tornado and hurl himself into the stadium from afar, landing on first to tag out the runner whilst also stealing first as it was unclear which team was batting at the time of his arrival.
  4. Exactly. He is really the ultimate bench player. With him and another guy who slots into more than 2-3 positions on your bench you can focus on either streaming starters or dropping a couple mid-RPs in your SP slots (or both!). Takes the focus and resources off having backups for IF and OF spots.
  5. I think he pulls the Nats next up. I don't feel confident starting him then but I'll be keeping an eye on him for an SP eligible long reliever.
  6. If you have a bench spot to spare, or better yet a NA spot, you may wish to keep him. Otherwise I'd cut ties. In all likelihood he's not going to throw for some time and may not get the job upon returning. It all depends on how long you can waste a bench spot.
  7. Yeah Chapman just got crazy lucky as that tag was literally an inch from being a run scored. Can't feel confident about this outing at all.
  8. Chapman walks three in a row plus a wild pitch. They're saying it's a blister or something with the nail.
  9. It's a low ball offer but not insulting low. I'd tell the other owner that this was a feeler and you're interested in moving forward to meet their needs. And no I don't do Sanchez/Cole for Suzuki/Machado. This is their counter-low ball offer. So now work forward from there.
  10. I would drop both Bruce and Kingery for Conforto and Santana.
  11. Ah I see you're thinking dropping Neris instead of Kingham. Fine with me, just get your OF filled out my friend!
  12. Soroka easy. Then the other two are a toss up for me. If I had to choose I'll take the better proven SP in Gray.
  13. I like your team better as is. - Stanton is a beast but so is Marte. I don't know if your league counts Ks or whatever but these two are much closer than initially thought. - Cain has a couple more years of being a very solid OF in him. - Ohtani is amazing but who knows what happens to him in 2 years regarding his hitting. He was brought over to be a SP, not a hitter. - Soto is a great talent who is due up in 2019 likely. So I don't think it's so clear cut and I think pure value you should stay put. Plus you already have Harper so why are you chasing HRs?
  14. I'd go Bour in an OBP league. He walks a ton (nearly 1:1 BB:K ratio) while Cron does the opposite (currently 7:35 BB:K). Bour's problem is he just isn't hitting the ball unless it's a dong. I don't know what his BABIP or xstats look like so I can't say if he's due for a turnaround, but I'd take the more patient hitter over the hot streak.
  15. Well he is the current closer. No one knows the chances but I'd say 25%. 50% chance Holland retakes the role and 25% chance they both blow up and we go to a full committee or Hicks or Reyes takes over.
  16. Taillon pulled after 3 IP for no apparent reason (no runs allowed, few hits, pitching well). Likely injured.
  17. I'd go with Marte given your team, you need OF way more than IF help. Thanks for the help with mine!
  18. No, accept now before they come off the drugs. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/
  19. Thanks for the help with mine. First, I think you need to start all hitting positions every day. Not starting a hitting spot = less points = less chance of winning. I would be sure all hitting spots are filled and THEN move on to how to work out your rotation. With this in mind I would drop whichever player you are least interested in (likely Kingham etc) and add DeShields. Now as to the trade, I don't like the ideas you're floating because they all seem to be making room for something you don't really need (Goldy). He is surely an upgrade over Hosmer so I'd look to deal Hosmer + whatever that team needs most for Goldy + something to fill out the deal. Hard to say without seeing the other manager's team.
  20. The first trade is an easy yes. The second trade I would not do in favor of the first, but I would consider doing in addition to the first. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/
  21. I'm not really sure what you're trying to gain here. Is it a closer? If so, why not deal one or two of the SPs in question for a much better closer than Norris? If not, when why swap the SPs at all? Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/
  22. I would not make that trade. I don't think you're capitalizing on Cole's value well enough. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/
  23. I'd definitely stick with Wood, who is a surefire bet to produce throughout the season. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/
  24. You won't get Dee for Mazara straight up, no. I don't think adding a DL player will help either. Hard to say where to go with this without seeing his squad. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/702395-goldyaltuve-trade-rank-hitters-100-whir/