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  1. I see. Does your league count HLDs? Also, if you wouldn't mind:
  2. Hey all, so I've just returned from a five-year fantasy baseball hiatus and drafted the following. I'd appreciate any feedback as I get back into the swing of things; please leave a link and I will respond likely within 24 hrs. 16 team, Yahoo, H2H, non-keeper Cats: AB, R, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, PO, A, E, AVG, OBP //// IP, APP, W, L, CG, SV, ER, HR, BB, K, HLD, TB, ERA, WHIP, K/9 C: A Avila (C - Ari) 1B: P Goldschmidt (1B - Ari) 2B: J Panik (2B - SF) 3B: N Castellanos (3B/OF - Det) SS: A Simmons (SS - LAA) OF: A Benintendi (OF - Bos) OF: S Marte (OF - Pit) OF: Y Cesepedes (OF - NYM) UTIL: J Votto (1B - Cin) UTIL: A Garcia (OF - CWS) B: A Pujols (1B - LAA) SP: J Hicks (SP - Stl) SP: T Glasnow (SP - Pit) RP: C Allen (RP - Cle) RP: K Giles (RP - Hou) P: R Madson (RP - Was) P: C Edwards (RP - ChC) P: C Green (RP - NYY) B: R Hill (SP - LAD) B: S Gray (SP - NYY) B: M Stroman (SP - Tor) B: C Morton (SP - Hou) DL: A Reyes (SP -Stl) A few tidbits: - The stats for this league really dictated my draft: -- As far as hitters go, it looks like high-contact, good K/BB guys are most valuable. Also, with the defensive stats counting, 1B, 2B, SS are slightly more valuable than 3B and OF. -- As far as pitchers go, RPs have a definite advantage over SPs (though there is a 20 IP minimum per week). The only stats that go to SPs are IP, W, and K. CG is a meaningless stat these days and literally every other stat benefits RPs. This is why I have seven RPs and four starters. Ideally I'd like to get down to three. My questions: 1) Should I try and trade my two closers (Allen and Giles) to upgrade some hitting and starting pitching? SVs are worth just as much as HLDs and I see no reason to put value on a single stat when I could be getting better all-around help elsewhere. 2) Goldie and Votto: the former fell to me at pick 14 and the latter was there on the turn at 19. I like them both a lot in this league as they fill the board entirely, but wonder if I could trade one of them (perhaps with a closer) for a non-Util star. 3) I'm going to drop Pujols at some point, probably sooner rather than later, but am waiting for a decent utility guy who qualifies at 2B, 3B, and SS. This is not an easy find in a 16 team league. Thus far, I'm watching Owings, Difo, Pindar, Rojas, and Duffy. Any sleepers here? Would it be worth targeting via trade a guy like Nunez? 4) Which starter is the first to try and trade? I'm leaning towards Stroman, then Gray. I like Morton and Hill for ratios. Sorry for the big post. Any and all help appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Minter. You can start Hicks and Glasnow at SP but Minter requires an RP spot. Given that you have been stockpiling RPs, dropping Minter will create flexibility whereas dropping either of the others will do the opposite.
  4. No. Colome is the closer and Barnes might be the closer. Why drop a sure thing for a flier, especially if the upside of the flier isn't insane?
  5. In a vacuum I think you lose this trade, but in context I think you win. Having confidence in your starters in vital and being forced to bench guys who are producing due to a surplus is hard.
  6. I'm keeping a close eye on this guy. Given that Peacock is owned in most leagues, we're looking at Hicks/Glasnow/Gsellman at the moment for SP qualified RPs (though Lugo is back and Delgado may be back in a couple weeks). No, he's a candidate to return to the rotation.
  7. Definitely not. #1 waiver claims should be saved for the moronic moment when someone panics and drops a very good player in a slump, not for a guy who would be your seventh starter.
  8. This is a big buy low by you, and given your RP situation I'd say you come out pretty nicely.
  9. A hold is a totally different category than a save and a single pitcher cannot accumulate both stats in a single game. As per wikipedia, a Hold is: So there are closers who get saves and there are mid-RPs who get holds. If you are playing in a league with both you may want to wait until the end rounds of your draft to grab your hold guys. You can sort your stats by holds for last year to see who did well, but be sure to pay attention to their ratios and Ks as well as a lot of the best mid-RPs were often better than lower-tier closers.
  10. Not in a keeper, no. You do have a surplus of quality SS though, so I would consider working on this trade to unload one for sure.
  11. Glasnow or Gsellman? I have Glasnow right now with Hicks in my 2 SP spots, but am concerned about his control. He's walked 4 in 5 innings so far and his numbers historically don't reassure me that this isn't how it's going to be going forward.
  12. For standard 5x5 I don't think Panik has a lot of value. I play in a 16 team league that counts AB, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, PO, A, E, AVG, OBP and he's my starting 2B. I drafted him with the 14th pick of the 17th round as he's a great contact hitter with an excellent eye who walks a lot and doesn't strike out much at all. He's hitting at the front of the Giants lineup with McCutchen, Posey, Longoria, Belt, Pence, and Crawford behind him. Baring serious injury I expect something like: 550 AB, 100 R, 15 HR, 60 RBI, 5 SB, .300 AVG. Skeptics can look at this as a ceiling, but I think it's quite reasonable.