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  1. Current stats: 360 AB: 58 R, 102 H, 21 2B, 9 HR, 50 RBI, 79 BB, 68 K, .283 AVG, .419 OBP, .428 SLG This is rough in the same way Votto is rough on opposing pitchers, by being so f-in good at baseball. Dude is walking more than he strikes out, was an All-Star, and we just learned that when two black holes collide they create a brand new Joey Votto in another dimension.
  2. Little known fact: most baseball players reverently refer to Votto himself as Father Time. Like a fabric that everything requires to function and exist, Votto is always present and yet absent.
  3. Huge buy low opportunity but pretty big risk as well. This guy is being dropped left and right due to the benching, but you have to assume he gets dealt to a DH position or a team that will stomach his defense. If so, then he could be had for next to nothing and the return could be sizeable.
  4. Smith in SF and even Hicks in STL have been getting opps as well. C Burnes (SP - Mil) A Cole (SP/RP - NYY) are 2 that I have my eye on right now.
  5. Yeah but didn't Hill pitch out of the pen literally a day before? This simple act can't be our only gauge for who will start post-ASB... or can it? Geez this is frustrating.
  6. After Kershaw, how do we rank the remaining five?
  7. On Tuesday I wrote: "Don't look now but Vazquez is throwing straight filth. Last month: 13.2 IP, 8 SV, 1.32 ER, 1.02 WHIP, 25 K. Gross." ?
  8. As a Hill owner I'm cool with this decision. I'd rather have him miss the odd start and have a better chance at repeating last year's post-ASB performance than get hurt... again.
  9. 3/3 tonight with 1 BB and 3 RBI. He could end this season around .290/.400 with 15 HR, 80 RBI, 70 R. Obviously not a huge line in standard 5x5, but for deeper leagues/ OBP leagues that's a solid contribution. In a keeper I'd be all over this on the cheap.
  10. That would be a firm no. Giants don't have the payroll to sign another high-end closer and already have a deep bullpen that is performing better than expectations.
  11. Yeah but he went 1 for 7 yesterday with 4 Ks. That projects to like 400 strikeouts on the year dude. Drop immediately and add Reynolds IMO. That guy is on pace for 50 home runs. Easy money. Eassssy money.
  12. Bingo. I bought waaayyy back, maybe second month. Vazquez is another great example of why looking short term is a terrible fantasy baseball strategy.
  13. I own him as my fourth OF (start 3 and 2 util) in a 16 team league. He's got way way more upside than most guys you could pull off the waivers. This panic after a slump is frankly laughable. Baseball is a long season and if we're going to drop guys after a bad week then we're gonna miss out on a lot of good rebounds and live anxiously. Think Devers, Carpenter, Votto, Goldy, Altuve. They're obviously not all in the same league but you gotta think long term.
  14. Don't look now but Vazquez is throwing straight filth. Last month: 13.2 IP, 8 SV, 1.32 ER, 1.02 WHIP, 25 K. Gross.
  15. Actually he hasn't tried to force Melancon into the role yet. Smith will close until Melancon is ready to resume duties; I predict post-ASB it'll be all Melancon. I say this as a Smith owner and I've had him since he returned from the DL, long before he was picking up saves.
  16. Off the DL, goes 4/5 with 3 R. Looks like he'll be at 1B against righties until Zimmerman comes off the DL but who knows when that'll be. [Removed Cool Story]
  17. I guess at this point it's fair to ask: when has Votto ever let you down? In 2014 he hit .255 but was injured. In 2012 he was also injured and only hit 14 HRs... but... he hit .337/.474. Joey has never hit less than 24 HRs in a full season. Relax.
  18. Everyone be cool. The Nimmo-hype-train is currently getting repainted. It will be operational soon enough.
  19. Both? Smith qualifies at SP in Yahoo, no reason he shouldn't be owned just for ratios and a vulture W/SV. But gun to my head, Jimenez easy. I don't think Smith closes for long (see my many posts in this thread about how Melancon will close the second half for the Giants).
  20. I don't own Strickland but in a regular 5X5 I would drop him if I needed the DL spot. I certainly wouldn't burn a bench spot on him.
  21. This was being discussed on the radio as we are running into a rotation logjam real quick. Holland is likely to be the 4th starter and so it's Suarez/Stratton/Rodriguez for the last. I don't think they'll carry one as a long reliever as we already have Blach in the pen. I think Rodriguez has options left so he's going down, leaving it between Suarez and Stratton. Hard to call here but a good problem for the Giants to have!
  22. Currently 41 walks to 40 strikeouts, .270 AVG and .383 OBP.