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  1. Getting really hard to even start him in my weekly league. With a day off and him sitting what seems like 2 games a week, I can't really use him. I get that he's struggled vs left handed pitching but how can he improve if he never gets the chance?
  2. I heard he will be rehabbing two games with high A Rancho Cucamonga starting tonight for 3 days.
  3. I’m still holding out some hope he can turn things around. 2 good starts in a row. He’s probably about a 4.00 Era guy but being on the Yankees he could still win 13-15 games this year.
  4. As a Dodger fan and realizing that this could be a lost season, I was actually thinking it could have been smart to trade him for top notch prospects because Clayton can opt out of his contract and become a FA after the season. Probably would have never happened despite the injury. But one thing is true at this point. Clayton now has track record of health issues to go with the inability to pitch well into October. His best years are in the past now. I would expect the team to exercize extreme caution with him going forward. If the Dodgers have any shot at the playoffs they need him healthy for the 2nd half. But by then they could be 12-15 games out. Crossing my fingers for him and his health in the future.
  5. He looks really solid so far. I’m hoping he ends up hitting around .275 with 17 hr’s and 15 steals by seasons end.
  6. Man right when he was starting to look good too. I’ve seen a lot of Ryu’s starts and one thing I know is he can be a little girl when it comes to injuries. DL is almost certain with him. Then he will come back and not look the same all year. Lost season for the Dodgers.
  7. I mean he grimaced after the swing but he was able to go back out and pitch the 4th seemingly pain free. I guess all owners of him will just hold our collective breaths that there’s no ligament damage and 2-3 weeks rest and he’ll be back out there. So frustrating
  8. Tied for 71st in runs scored and 1 hr!! 7 rbi!! My God besides the steals he's done next to nothing. Don't get why people are defending a guy who hasn't ever put together a full season. He's fast. That's really all he brings to the table.
  9. Looks like just a speed guy at this point. Not that I’m complaining about his stolen bases but he’s show virtually zero power. I was hopping for 15 hr pop with a .290 average. Gunna have to settle for a .260 Ave and 8 hrs this year. Hoping for 70 sb’s
  10. Strange that the Rays bring Colome in for the 8th in a tie game?
  11. I’m about as big as a Dodger fan as you’ll find and I watch as many games as possible. Having said that it’s clear that we are watching Clayton slowing climbing down from the best pitcher on the planet pedestal. He’s still an elite ace but we’ve all come to expect near perfection from him so when he has an off day it’s just so out of character. I would never draft a pitcher high enough to have ever owned him in the past or this year. I think better days are ahead for him and the Dodgers but his best years are in the past now. Go Blue!
  12. Finally a solid showing from him!! Today is why I drafted him 4th overall. Hope he can keep it up.
  13. Trea being Trea again tonight. #fantasybeast
  14. 3 for his last 19 ab with 1 run and 1 rbi. Dudes a beast! Totally locked in. Hitting .230