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  1. Aquino has 8 HRs in 11 games... including his first MLB game in 2018, an 0-1 pinch hit appearance. His torrid run prompted me to look up the fastest HR pace to start a career. That's Rhys Hoskins, who in 2017 broke a century-old record when he mashed 11 HRs in his first 18 games. Aquino is on pace to punish that record!
  2. Um, Ohtani has 9 SBs in 269 ABs with 2 CS this year... vs 10 SBs in 326 ABs with 4 CS last year. He's running ever so slightly less, but he's more successful.
  3. Hicks has traditionally been a mediocre player who had a semi-breakout last season. So far he's shown little sign of repeating that success. With Stanton and Judge back soon, some concern Hicks' playing time could dwindle esp with Cameron Maybin raking of late. Braun is a proven if aging (and tainted) stud having a passable but undistinguished season.... still, maybe he has more in the tank for ROS than does Hicks. I need to drop either Braun or Hicks two for a WW pickup. Who goes? Who's better ROS? Thanks & WHIR.
  4. What the heck is going on with Corbin? Yet another stinker tonight against a weak team.... surrendering 7 ER in 5 IP at CWS.
  5. Strahm didn't look that good. Lot of hard hit balls. Not great command. He was lucky to escape with just two ER.
  6. Can't believe Ohtani is in the lineup for a fifth consecutive game.... after facing three straight LHPs straight off the D er I mean IL. What the heck is Ausmus thinking?
  7. Getting pretty excited for Ohtani's return having stashed him on two roto teams. I'm a believer. His plate performance last year was pretty incredible. I'm hoping for close to 400 ABs , 24 HRs and BA just over .300. A handful of SBs will be a bonus. With Pujols and Bour underperforming, and the Angels hanging in with a 14-17 record, LAA will absolutely find a way to get that unique talent in the lineup.
  8. I agree completely with the above -- this is re the main Rotoworld site, not the forums. On my 14-inch laptop, I used to be able to see four player news capsules at once -- great! Now, I can only see two at once -- bad! The typeface size for news capsules is too large -- in fact, that typeface is the largest on the home page, apart from headlines -- why??? It means more info processing "work" and scrolling for the reader. The reader also has to "work" more to read the light-ish grey text, vs. the excellent black and blue of the previous design, which popped provocatively. Zooming to like -80% or -75% in Chrome does help make the player news capsules smaller and more inviting. Overall, I just don't get it. Yes the old site could have used a little modernization, but not at the expense of one of Rotoworld's key differentiators -- a density of information that fantasy managers can quickly and easily digest, multiple times a day. I and surely many others took up Rotoworld's invitation to provide feedback on the beta site. As far as I could tell, not one change was made to that beta site, they rolled it out warts and all. One additional complaint -- they removed the Comment function on the articles. Nothing like engaging with readers, eh? Sigh.
  9. Oh that hurts. On top Lindsay delivering single-digit fantasy points last night. At least Mixon is serving up points with more to come. Big setback with Jones but my opponent's squad is so-so. Not out of it yet.
  10. Jackson did manage to shoot .513 FG in his one year of college hoops, at Kansas. But maybe his .566 FT percentage should have clued the Phoenix Suns into what they were getting. And one year of college hoops is a not exactly a proven track record. Why did the Suns take this guy as the 4th pick in the 1st round? Oh right, because they're the Phoenix Suns. But hey, he's 21, maybe he'll put something together.
  11. With Ariza on the trading block, I'm sorely tempted to pick up Jackson in season-long roto. But that FG % ... and it keeps getting worse. 2017-18 .417 2018-19 .382 Last 30 days .363 Last 14 days .348 Last 7 days .319 He's averaging well over a dozen shots a game so yeah that's gonna leave a mark. But hey it's gotta go up from here right?
  12. Boom, another plus game Tues Dec 4, season high 23 pts... fifth plus game in a row, I would say. I've been holding, resisting temptation to drop... looking good lately and ya hope it's not all because Viola is out.
  13. Another dud Friday night with just 19 minutes. Disappointing for sure gonna keep him stashed on my roto bench for now in (dwindling) hopes that he returns to form.
  14. Another disappointing game Friday night. A piddling 19 minutes; it''s not like he was in foul trouble. Getting tired of waiting for that breakout...
  15. Exactly, great point. Pats are giving up a middle-of-the-road 4.25 ypc and high averages to semi decent backs -- Lamar Miller 4.9 ypc, TJ Yeldon 5.8, Kerryon Johnson 6.3, plus Hunt at 8.0. Pats shut down LeSean McCoy last night at 1.1 ypc but hey it's McCoy, 2018 version. So yeah, I'm starting Jones on two teams in Flex next weekend.... been holding patiently since Week 3. Not that I have a ton of compelling options... Johnson, Mixon on Bye weeks leaving me Jones, Breida, Chubb, Richards, plus WRs as Flex options. The Montgomery trade is good Ty-ming.