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  1. Here is the gist of the league scoring: Offense 1. .5 PPR 2. 20 yards receiving = 1 PT 3. 10 yards rushing = 1 PT 4. 50 yards passing = 1 PT 5. 10 completions = 1 PT 6. Each TD = 6 PT 7. 2 Pt Conversions = 2 Pts 8. DST Shutout = 10 pts 1-7 PA = 7 Pts 8-14 PA = 3 Pts 15-21 PA = 0 Pts 22-28 PA = -3 29-35 PA = -7 36 PA+ = -10 Sacks = 1.5 Safeties = 2 Blocked XP = 1 Blocked FG = 2 Blocked Punt = 2 INT = 2 FF = 1 FF w/ Recovery = 2 9. S/T 1 pt per 20 PR yards 1 pt per 50 KR yards 10 Pts per KR or PR TD FG is interesting.....(distance of kick determines pt total) .10 Pt per Yard (10 yard FG = 1 PT; 55 yard FG = 5.5 Pt) However the same is adverse from distance down (10 yard miss = -5; 50 yard miss = -1) XP = 1 PT .....Still looking for those interested
  2. Currently looking to fill 2 vacancies in a 14 year deep 20 team redraft league. Extremely competitive atmosphere. Unique Scoring emphasizes importance to each starting position (which includes PK and DST). Instant Messenger allows for daily owner interaction. Custom graphics adds to personalized team experience. High volume of trading. Seeking passionate/personable/proactive owners who eat, breathe and sleep fantasy football. Must have strong depth of player knowledge and enjoy engaging/communicating with fellow league mates regularly. Will be vetting those interested with hopes of filling the spots within the next 7 days. PM if interested (try to include any past history/achievements). Will share expanded league details/settings/scoring upon request/contact. Draft Date 9/3 @ 8 PM EST (Snake Draft W/Pick Trading) Starting Line-Up QB RB WR WR WR TE WR/RB WR/TE PK DEF 7 Bench Platform MFL
  3. Too much for Marte?

    Wow, seemed like that offer would be equally beneficial. Nimmo certainly makes for a nice keeper heading into next year. Muncy is at the height of his value but with multi position eligibility, and the uptick in power, is also a nice piece to have in tow (even to flip to a current contender). Did your counterpart identify who he would be inclined to trade for/offer a counter. Makes negotiations easier its a two way street and not just a one sided negotiation. Fair offer for sure...Wish ya luck.
  4. Foltynewicz vs. Gonzalez (WHIR)

    I'd go Folty and not think twice. Blue Jays are cumulatively hitting a dismal .236. Expect Mike to rebound from last weeks hiccup and mow em down tonight!
  5. Rank these 4 SP ROS in Roto

    in Roto I would actually put Bieber atop the list. His 80 grade control, in addition to playing for an Indians team that should lend plenty of run support, should play up in a Roto-format. I'd probably go Freeland or Tanaka (toss-up) after that and lastly Arrieta (the K-rate doesn't impress). Hope that helps
  6. You could certainly do worse than having Escobar as the next man up at SS in the interim while you figure out a long term fix.
  7. David Fletcher

    Once perceived as simply a utility bat, there is now talk (following a strong first half) that if you squint real hard (and shoot for the stars) that Fletcher possesses the makings of a Dustin Pedroia starter kit. Probably overly optimistic but I'm intrigued to see how this kid performs at the big league level!
  8. Enyel De Los Santos - SP, SD

    Agreed....As a Enyel owner, I would think that his gaudy 2018 numbers, in addition to his proximity to a major league call-up, would warrant carrying a bit more hype than he presently does. The fastball was always his calling card, hitting the mid-90's, but the change-up, slider and curve have all made strides this year, creating softer contact & more swing and miss. He has ramped up his innings count in recent weeks, tossing at least 7 quality innings in each of his last three outings. If he isn't clearly on the fantasy radar now, he certainly will be once he gets promoted, which should be in the not-so-distant future. All-in-all not bad for a guy that was not-so-long ago written off as a bullpen arm and only cost the Phils Freddy Galvis
  9. 2018 Call Up Watch Thread

    David Fletcher (Angels SS) is on his way to Anaheim.
  10. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    6 Multi hit games.....73.3% Hard Contact Rate.......531 AVG...5 HR....11 RBI.....Not a bad first 11 days of June for Mr Martinez!
  11. Last Rotation Spot

    Its more-so my expectation of what a lethal Astros offense can do, seeing Mengden for second time. Of the offenses that your arms are up against, I put Houston atop that list, and for that reason (in addition to a 0-4, 6.23 lifetime mark against the Stros) I am putting DM at the bottom of this list
  12. Last Rotation Spot

    I'd go: Guerra Godley Stras Mengden Guerra is rolling, coming in fresh off three straight QS. K/BB is 15:1 during that span, including his recent solid outing against a powerful Cleveland lineup. With 2 starts to accumulate stats, including Mondays tilt against the Cubs who he sports a 1.80 career ERA against, he is who I would roll out first. Godley has a chance to rebound against a woeful Mets offense, making him second.
  13. Thoughts on this trade

    I'd prefer side one. I'm expecting Rizzo to have a strong second half.
  14. Dynasty: Rosario or Berríos?

    All day. Rosario's typically low OB% still scares me, and he is more a peaks and valley guy throughout the year. Berrios has shown the ability to pitch deep into games, which pads your QS count, and coupled with your need for pitching, I would take this and run
  15. Trade Hand for Nimmo in OBP/AVG keeper

    Depends on team dynamic and direction.....if your competing for this year and saves are weighted strongly then I say no (keep Hand)....If your not contending, and based on the volatility of closers, then I would absolutely take Nimmo.