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  1. Long story short, an unfortunate chain of events which led to unintended consequences.
  2. Long story short, an unfortunate chain of events.
  3. I have 2 openings in a dynasty IDP league, 16 team leagues. 30 man rosters, 5 IR, 5 TS. 15 starters, 7 IDP. There are a total of 5 teams that will participate in a dispersal draft. The league has great team parity and there are no powerhouse franchises.The rosters involved can be found here: ... 31158&O=07 They are teams listed as "dispersal teams" and one called "waterboys" (a new owner who has already renamed his franchise). Both of the Super Bowl teams from last year are part of the dispersal draft, so lots of high end talent in the draft pool. Great group of owners too.During the off season, owners will be discussing, as is normal, any changes they may want to see in the league this year so there will likely be a few minor tweaks here and there to things like roster size and scoring tweaks. $40 annual dues, first paid first to play! Email: r a w l u k 2 0 1 0 @ h o t m a i l DOT com
  4. I have one (for sure), possibly 2, openings in an IDP dynasty league. 30 man rosters, 16 teams, 5 IR, 5 taxi, blind bid then FAAB weekly. 8 offense players, 7 defense, flex on both (1 WR-RB-TE on O, 1 DE/DT, LB CB/S on D). Annual dues are $40. Here is a link to the league: New owners will do a dispersal draft (2 have already joined) . Open teams are listed as “dispersal teams”, 4th possible dispersal team roster is Soul Snatchers (this would be the 2nd team opening). Openings are first come first serve. Any questions or if you want to join please email me: r a w l u k 2 0 1 0 @ h o t m a i l DOT com . Do not reply to this posting, email please. Thanks!
  5. A link would be useful! (this is the $40 league) (this is the $60 league) Both leagues would be great for someone not familiar with dynasty, or IDP, as the guys are all pretty good guys.
  6. Two established IDP, scoring balanced (not tackle heavy) dynasty leagues (going into 2nd yr) are looking for more owners. Most owners have re-signed for next year, but we will likely have a couple openings in each league. Both leagues are composed of (and we are looking for) serious, but not too serious owners. But, they all want to win so if you think they'll be pushover leagues, think again. We have some very saavy players! If you are really high strung though these probably aren't the leagues you are looking for. Hard Core NFL – Defense Wins Super Bowls (16 team IDP H2H dynasty) $60/year (more competitive of the 2) This league buys what it sells and it makes for some wickedly unpredictable and fun games. D players are equal to O players almost. 48 man roster, 7 IR, 7 Taxi, 20 starters, 11 IDP, no salaries, no contracts. Some D scoring highlights: Weekly waivers by BB, then FCFS. Super Bowl winner $350, loser $250, 3rd $150, 4th $100, 5th $50. League for Old Timers (16 team IDP H2H dynasty) $40/year (less competitive of the 2) D players are still solid scorers, but not quite as high as the Hard Core D league above. 30 man roster, 5 IR, 5 taxi, no salaries, no contracts. 15 starters, 7 IDP. Super Bowl winner $250, loser $150, $80 for conference game losers. Weekly waivers by BB, then FCFS. Teams for new owners for both leagues will be done by dispersal draft among the new teams in early February. There will be tweaks in both leagues to various things such as scoring, etc once all new owners are aboard. The deadline for current owners to pay in is Jan 31st. On Feb 2nd , I set up new owners. Please be prepared to pay 1st year dues within a few days of being notified you are in so everyone else is not waiting to see if they are in or not. If you have questions, or are interested send me an email to: r a w l u k 2 0 1 0 @ h o t m a i l . c o m Cheers, and happy footballin!. Kent