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  1. I didn't say he was a better hitter, I said he had better production this year at the time of the post. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Oh I have, I live in Denver. It’s frustrating... but I believe Tapia could be a worthy add until he slumps. His ceiling is sky high.
  3. Exactly, and at Coors Field it’s hard to not roster him when he was just a FA. Lots of home games and sunny weather coming up. Tapia should be playing every single day.
  4. Potentially I agree, just looking at current production this year.
  5. At the time of my posting he was hitting better than Blackmon. Tell me who else is doing better except for Arenado and Story?
  6. I picked Tapia back up. This guy is the 3rd best hitter in the Rockies lineup AND is hitting lefties well too. How can they keep on benching him?
  7. A good read about Tapia
  8. Rockies hitters have a home stand coming up and going to Fenway and Yankee Stadium.,. So tempting I don’t see Polanco having value any time soon recovering from his injury
  9. Agreed.. he is their #1 prospect for a reason. Most of the time patience is needed with rookies.
  10. Coming from a Rockies fan... I'm still going to keep my eye on him THIS year. The front office and Buddy won't admit the mistake or embarrassment of signing Desmond and keep on giving him a try. Tapia and Hampson should be higher than Desmond on the depth chart.
  11. Ditto... he's too good to be dropped
  12. If you only knew how bad Desmond is....Tapia is looking like the better option. Hampson should be able to fill the CF role too.
  13. When Dahl/McMahon/Murphy come back I see this scenario... LF Dahl / Tapia CF Tapia / Desmond / Hampson 2B Hampson / McMahon 1B Murphy / McMahon BB playing the hot hitter
  14. I remember reading a fantasy baseball article comp to Altuve. Rediculous? Probably... but Coors Field could inflate his numbers to reach that ceiling.