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  1. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/split.fcgi?id=bumgama01&year=Career&t=p#all_3637664071 At Coors field versus Rockies: 5-5 with a 1.40 WHIP/6.6 K per 9/4.00 ERA. Don't have the ambition to look up home stats against the Rockies but he is obviously impacted by Coors Field like everyone else. I'll start, though not expecting a masterpiece. I'd take a QS.
  2. Two walks and a solo shot today. Should be good enough to be benched for Hernan Perez tomorrow.
  3. They go by games remaining. Today he is at 1, as in one more start at 2B and he gains eligibility.
  4. Batting 2nd and starting at 2nd tonight. Closing in on expanding that eligibility...
  5. What's with the civility? This is the internet, guys. I know Braun has been nicked...though perhaps he has fallen to third in this quartet (with Santana a distant fourth). At the very least, I feel we can be more bullish on Aguilar than we were even a week ago. He will get plenty of AB's and they will be high value ones given his spot in the lineup/strength of the lineup.
  6. Giving it a shot. He's held his own in some tough matchups (@NYY/@CLE/CLE) and he has shown a high K ceiling. Given the changes he has made to his pitch arsenal/approach it is almost as though teams are facing a pitcher they have not seen before. Banking on it at least making him usable against the Sox.
  7. Indians have to be kicking themselves a bit. Not insinuating Yonder Alonso is a bust as he has been pretty productive, but they could have gotten comparable production on the cheap from Aguilar. Can't say I know much about what type of roster crunch they had at the time. On the flip side, Brewers found both Aguilar on Thames on the trash heap. Incredible depth.
  8. Holding for sure. Talented pitcher with a quality track record, albeit a short one. Has been sloppy off the DL. If he bombs against the Mets, may be time to throw in the towel. Staying patient as is, however. Was rolling prior to DL stint (admittedly with some sweet matchups) and just have to hope he gets back there.
  9. Yahoo! has him scheduled for Friday against Baltimore. They have three games in-between his start against San Diego and his next scheduled start, though with two off-days in there and with Folty on the DL, possible they just cut down to a four-man rotation. In any event, he should be slated a start against the Orioles.
  10. I don't believe "fluke" is the right word. He has twice finished inside the Top 6 of MVP voting and has a Silver Slugger to his credit. You could, however, be looking at 2017 as a career year. He finished 13th in OPS and offered some juice in all 5 categories (if you're a 5-CAT type of guy/gal). His K/BB rate is still excellent and he has never been a major power source; not alarmed by the 6HR's at this juncture. It would be nice to see the steals return. I am curious if the hairline fracture in the toe is still something which has limited him a touch. Overall, not concerned personally. Long track record of being a rock-solid performer across the board. The entire Nats offense has struggled for consistency outside of Soto. Would expect them to heat up as a group with Rendon a key part of it.
  11. Swinging well lately. Anything to see here, or just feasting on the Athletics and Royals?
  12. Obviously small sample size this year but 1.017 OPS versus LHP and .997 versus RHP.
  13. Out of the lineup again tonight. A little concerned if they're considering him benching him against lefties...
  14. He seems fairly locked in to the role. Crazy low ownership on Yahoo! (28%). Likely due to limited save opps for the Blue Jays over that time. They have shown an affinity for having him pitch in the 8th as well.
  15. Batting 3rd tonight even against a RHP. Still figures to lose plenty of AB's over the long haul but has at least moved himself out of strict platoon player against LHP.
  16. For anyone with a subscription to The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal had a nice Q&A with the Nationals hitting coach. He noted issues with Harper's approach/swing; they also got into other Nationals' hitters, namely Soto and Murphy.
  17. Dude has a sparkling 0.00 ERA and WHIP over his career. The true swiss-army knife. On a serious note, I get the angle of younger players being a bigger part of the future than Descalso. But those are normally decisions reserved for rebuilding teams/situations in which the production is at least comparable. Descalso has soundly outproduced (offensively) both Marte and Ahmed, though Marte has been much improved as of late. This is also a D-Backs team with ambitions to contend now. Their ace is aging along with many of their core guys (Goldschmidt/Peralta/Pollock). I don't see them sacrificing wins in the short-term. This leads me to believe it has to be the defensive shortcomings which have the team sitting Descalso. If Marte can hold up at SS, having Marte at SS with Descalso at 2B seems the most ideal setup. Perhaps Ahmed's defensive prowess (I can't speak to his defensive ability) has cemented his spot in the lineup.
  18. All I have seen is quotes from Simmons indicating he will be ready to be activated after the minimum stay (Saturday). Players are always overly optimistic about their status, however. I am expecting a return sometime next week. Mobility is a big part of his game.
  19. This thread treats Harper like he is Marty Cordova. He has a few things working against him: - He is not Mike Trout - Durability has been a lingering issue - His personality likely turns some people off - He is not Mike Trout - Perceived as a product of hype as opposed to someone whose reputation has benefitted from hype Harper was supposed to be the next chosen one. Such is life when you're on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 16 and are drafted number one at 17. Outsized expectations were bestowed upon him and anything short of HOF-like dominance out of the gate would be considered underwhelming. Mike Trout is tracking to be an all-time great. He is not the megastar he should be given he is on the West Coast and is a rather unassuming personality. Not Harper's fault. Pro-rate Harper's stats (not discounting durability - it matters) and he has been a productive player in both real life and fantasy. He hasn't been Trout or Goldschmidt or vintage Pujols, but few are. I don't even care for Harper that much and would not be shelling out $300 million but I just cannot wrap my head around the hate in this thread.
  20. In any league which values saves at all, I would be shocked he is available. I would not qualify him as "back" given the only reason he was away was injury. Hader caps some saves upside. Knebel should still close 20-ish games IMO ROS and decent ratios/high K's. Top 12-15 closer for me.
  21. Kenta Maeda - S - Dodgers Kenta Maeda allowed two earned runs, five hits and three walks with a strikeout over five innings in a no-decision Wednesday against the Rangers. Maeda wasn't terribly sharp, but one of his walks were of the intentional variety. He did hit a batter with a pitch, and he threw first-pitch strikes to just 14 of the 23 batters he faced. Maeda has managed quality starts in just two of his past seven outings. He'll look for better results Monday, but it's a tall order working against the Rockies in the rarefied air of Coors Field. Dodgers are @ Wrigley on Monday. They do not play the Rockies next week nor do they play at Colorado on any Monday over the remainder of the season. Puzzling error.
  22. Tempted. Nats shutout two games in a row...hard to determine if it is a legit slump or positive regression is coming their way. Will probably wait and see how he does tonight before investing full trust in him, though pondering it.
  23. Back in the cleanup spot today. Likely due to a LHP being on the mound. Big issue seems to be Braun and Thames both deserve AB's as well. Not as though they have proved to be liabilities. I am discounting Santana in the mix, though I am not sure what he provides defensively and if it earns him some starts. In a utopia with ample bench spots, rostering both Aguilar/Thames and platooning as the Brewers do could provide high-level production. Likely not feasible in most leagues, however. Could prove to be a frustrating situation.
  24. I swear every time somebody pops in this thread to talk down Rendon, he has a big game. To continue that trend: this guy is a huge overrated bum.
  25. Left early with a wrist injury. Hoping just a DTD thing.