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  1. Providing Round 8-9 type value right now! Wake up Clintus!
  2. Not sure what to think of this mess. Odubel is a man on fire!
  3. Conforto will have better numbers than many top OF'ers, including Bellinger, at the end of 2018. Whoever doesn't think so has on blinders and doesn't understand the game.
  4. Right on, owned. Peacock will be fine. It’s April 14th.
  5. Nimmo won't be Conforto, but he will be a mainstay soon.
  6. Used to be Pelfrey, I'd nominate Tillman.
  7. He and Acuna will make the ATL special, sooner versus later!
  8. Gsellman, Peacock, Devenski, and Green rostered, together, will be more valuable than many SP's. I've been winning leagues for 30+ years with this strategy.