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  1. Charlie Morton 2018 Outlook

    Any more injuries are a total crapshoot. Make sure you have as many good SPs as you can carry. Then one more. And another in yr DL slot.
  2. Junior Guerra 2018 Outlook

    He's hurt, forearm issue. Seems real but no diagnoses I have seen
  3. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Possible. But if you run w/no bench bats (like me) he's a drop. Sad, but true. In a weekly league he's of minimum value if he isn't playing 5x a week.
  4. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    Confirmed. Heard it today on Philly sports talk
  5. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    True, but if he's THAT bad in the field...
  6. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    So, how can he get better defensively by NOT PLAYING? I had to let him go 😭😭😭 In a weekly league I need every day starters. Not great hitters who are foolishly benched.
  7. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    You're kidding, right?
  8. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    For reals us weekly leagers need the remaining Fri-Sunday starters poste haste. Let the Twitter scouring commence.
  9. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    Hopefully no one's rotation is depending on this info. That is a sad sad group.
  10. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Who cares what level he is at, as long as he is healthy. Vladito is ready.
  11. Jesse Winker 2018 Outlook

    So we think he broke out of the 4 OF rotation?
  12. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    Hell no. Not for a 2 month rental.
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    In a weekly league he's hard to roster, unless you have a free bench spot. Damn.
  14. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    De los Santos for 2 months of Machado? Sign me up! Well worth it.
  15. Walker Buehler 2018 Outlook

    Yup. Plus I'll gladly take his potential top 25 production even if it means the occasional turn being skipped.