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  1. I actually forgot to ask if the 60 day started now or back in May.
  2. On the 60 day DL. If he’s out all of 60 days that would be mid August. Could this injury jury require surgery? Or would we already have heard a rumor of that?
  3. With the pitchers I have, do you think it’s better to drop Kluber now that he’s on the 60 day? Without a timetable to return no less.
  4. I’m sure this has been talked about a lot. But, I’m in 2nd in a 12 team league. The top 5 spots are all very tight. With the injuries, I’ve gotten lucky. I would like to trade Kluber and package him with someone. Preferably for a batter. I’m heavy on SP, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure which SP is worth trading/keeping I would really appreciate any thoughts. My roster is: offense; C- Garver 1B- Cron 2B- LeMahieu 3B- W. Meyers SS- Mondesi (DTD) OF- Trout, Blackmon, Meadows UTIL- Profar and Soler BENCH/DL- Springer and Dozier (both on DL) Pitching: SP- Giolito, Grienke, Peacock, Eduardo Rodriguez, Flaherty, Castillo, Lynn, RP- Doolittle, Greene, Osuna, Strop, Minter DL- Kluber
  5. I read quite a bit on this guy. Picked him up yesterday. Is there a timetable for him pitching for the Astros?
  6. My bad... I kept seein 18/19 seasons got turned around.
  7. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  8. I know it’s early, but I wish I knew more about him. What does outlook look like for 2019? Stolen bases or more? He’s only owned in 2% on yahoo.
  9. Thanks man! I appreciate it it. Edit: I find it a interesting that there are leagues that only play AL/NL. Makes me think of my dad and his utter disdain for the AL & the DH. When the Yankees were dominating, he’d get mad and blame it on the DH rule.
  10. This is such an amateur question. When I read player outlooks and see “mixed league”, is this referring to a fantasy league that has both the NL and AL? That’s what I’ve been assuming all year. Lol, sorry for the noob question.
  11. I’m wondering if I should pick up Boxburger. I’m fighting for the 2-3 spot in the playoffs and I could use a reliable-ish RP. I’ve got Kinsler on my DL, but Odor and Camargo are filling in reall well. My RP’s are: Bud Norris Corey Knebel Sergio Romo Kimbrel Kela Minter Any advice on who, or if, to drop? Boxburger is owned & started in over 80% of Yahoo leagues. Am I missing something about him?
  12. I’ve got Rosario, he’s good. That trade is insane. I second the “NO WAY”
  13. [Bench Coach content removed -- post was waaay too focused on your team roster situation. Stuff like that needs to go here.]
  14. I’ve got Scherzer and Goldy on my roster. Make this trade ASAP. Goldy is better than he was at the beginning of the season. Scherzer is a W, QS, K machine week in week out.
  15. Massive bust is a pretty big overstatement. I got him in the late mid rounds this season and am very happy with his production.