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  1. The really odd thing is, it seemed like he was up in the count on most of his walks. When he was with the Marlins, when he had two strikes on a guy whether 0-2, 1-2 he would toss an eye level fastball like you would in little league, to see if the guy would chase or to make your curve seem a little bigger. But its no where near the zone and it's just waste of a pitch
  2. So we tossing lamet? or giving him another start before we plug him in?
  3. All well and good, but if i had shares i'd be selling....His change up is pure filth i will acknowledge that... but how long until that 2.50 turns closer to 4.00? fip 3.93 xfip 5.14 sierra 4.67 his strand rate isnt likely to remain 81% he's not an elite K guy (7.5/9) n with a 47% Fly ball rate, its only a matter of time before those fly balls start finding the seats in Camden im not saying sell for anything. but hes the perfect guy to move to cover up a hole in your roster
  4. scooter owners who held on to him, only for him to exit with....another groin injury
  5. it's part luck, and averages balancing out. ride the hot streak while it lasts (3 more days in colorado) but dont expect the good times to last
  6. Absolutely no reason to bring him back out there with 90+ pitches. already gave up 2 dongs too. Cora usually a great man-manager but, should have kept him on the pine feeling good about a 6ip 3er game.
  7. Eduardo Escobar, dj lemahieu both dropped for guys that are no longer on my team. would be running away with my league with those guys right now too. thats show bizz baby
  8. Cain is at the side of the shed, peering to see whats behind there
  9. Are we moving on from him in 10 team re-drafts? really thought we would get at minimum 260 with speed
  10. Never a good feeling, remember earlier in the year, when clevinger said hed be out for his next start. never trust what a player says in the postgame about an injury
  11. I wonder if the reds inf doesnt like castillo ffs. easy DP botched, then iglesias trying to flip it to second with his glove instead of taking the out.
  12. There's probably more Blue Jays fans in Kitchener or Guelph than there is in Toronto. The jays fan base is in the 905-519 (anywhere not south of London). They really dropped it on this one, most of those fans on Monday came in from out of the city no doubt
  13. The two previous were due to a thumb issue. The third could be because no actual rehab start and comes back with not an ideal matchup his thumb could still be bothering? I doubt many people were sending him out yesterday though. The next start will be the real litmus test
  14. he was dealing last night. living on the corners (generous strike zone tbh). but that was established early in the game, and he just exploited it, got people chasing. lets hope for more of this to come
  15. OBP league, both on waivers right now, who knows how long Rizzo will be out for, I have a super util (Gurriel) filling that void not a great fix. Who do you guys think will provide more value ROS? Cheers!
  16. welp my era over 8.00 this week so lets hope we can get some wins out of Maeda-E-Rod- and Archer (if my era was a little more respectable probably wouldnt start him off the IL like that)
  17. Admittedly I havent seen any of his start this season yet, (just read the box/and looked at fangraphs after the starts) but his velocity has picked up since the start of the season, who knows if that's weather related or lack on spring innings to "save bullets" for the season. Also, the change of catcher can't be overlooked, I'm not sure how well regarded Realmuto is as a signal caller, but Alfaro is a fantastic one and he was Nola's catcher for every start. I really think its more of a familiarity thing and working his way into the season. Otherwise, he didnt lose velocity towards the end of the season last year or efficacy, so i think it has to be a mixture of low amount of spring innings/new catcher
  18. Same, it's why i always come back to the well every season
  19. I dont subscribe to slow starters and such. but s--- if rizzo cant hit in april, but his year end numbers always end up playing well 18- .158 17- .260 16- .218
  20. go castillo and nola! hopefully playing in warm weather/indoor will wake up bryant and rizzo!
  21. Should we be worried about the velo dip and try to sell with the results so far? or ride the wave?