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  1. worst case if league doesnt fill in time will push draft back by two days. with two spots to go it shouldnt be an issue
  2. Looking for something different? Feel like you can manage a limited bench? Then join Bench Pressed. 10 team startup free dynasty league. League starts 1qb 1rb 1wr 1te 4flex 1k 1def but limits you to 5 bench players. with 7 of the teams making the playoffs giving the number one seed a week off in the playoff one week matchups. Each year will have a two round rookie draft and am looking for another 2 more commissioners to help run the league. Live online draft will be Monday August 19th at 9 pm EDT To join head to https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/join?leagueId=88801704&inviteId=0d208c8a-9e13-46b7-9bf4-79097d40b208 League will use discord for communication purposes such as Trade block and power ranking. Or if league prefers can use and create a facebook group page Look forward to competing with you all.