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  1. If he hits 10 hr's this month hes a top 2 catcher next year
  2. Why is it so en vougue to bitch about this kid? Every single day there's a new crap post against him. What am I missing here?
  3. Brewers current mentality is score runs, leave to bullpen, hopefully starters can go 5 with 3 ER or less
  4. If this dude can ever put it all together, wow. I suggest everyone go out of their way to watch one of his starts. He has scary-good stuff.
  5. This was all predicted in the Beiber thread. I suggest you all take a look for some good reading!!
  6. Muncy made two game-changing errors at third on Saturday that more than likely lost the game. I'm sure they feel much more comfortable with him at first.
  7. He also has a ++ arm, so I have to believe he could improve defensively if given time. And he wants to play catcher.
  8. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think anyone in Low-A made it, no?
  9. Got absolutely robbed of a three run game-tying homer by Grichuk. Caught it well over the fence. And it was an oppo job as well. A patented George heater is just around the corner...
  10. The pedigree was always there for him. He's basically turned into Max Scherzer 2.0
  11. Is Albies becoming Rougned Odor? Somebody please make me feel better about this horrific possibility.
  12. 90 something pitches is a lot? I don't see anything wrong with giving him another inning in this scenario.
  13. I'm still kind of stunned at how little attention he is getting. Yes SSS, but when taking his entire career into account, it's not.