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  1. We are starting our 9th year as an established Keeper, Dynasty 10 team hockey league. Looking for 1 owner to take over a very good team. Teams are 18 players (12 starters, 6 bench) with up to 2 IR spots. This is a Head to Head points league with most major statistical categories. If interested, text Commish Darren @ 813-601-5656 to open up the lines of communication
  2. Hello, We are in need of 1 owner to take over an existing team. Current owner just doesnt have the time anymore. This is a salary-keeper league. First come, first serve. If interested text me (Darren) at 813-601-5656 to open up the lines of communication. Thanks!
  3. We have added a 15th team, now we need a 16th team for this upcoming season. Please call/text Darren at 813-601-5656 if interested! I would love to tell you all about it!
  4. Hello....we need 1 owner to take over our 16th and final team in a current 14 team keeper/dynasty/salary league. We already have the 15th owner as part of our expansion, but are looking for 1 more. If interested, please text me, Darren, (813) 601-5656 to open up the lines of communication. First come, first serve
  5. We would like to expand from 14 teams to 16 teams for a full keeper, salary league. It is an "in-depth" league, but it is fun and not overwhelming. If you would like to learn more, please open up the lines of communication by texting me at (813) 601-5656. First come, first serve and we would like to finalize things with the new owners by the All-star break. Thanks, Darren
  6. Still need 1 new owner for our 14 team salary keeper league. You would be taking over an exisiting team for a non-paying owner. $50 buy-in and you will receive discounted buy-outs for the inconvenience of starting a few weeks late. Looking for a minimum 2 year commitment to keep turnover to a minimum. Please text me (Darren) at (813)601-5656 to open the lines of communication. Once we do I would be more than happy to talk to you regarding the league rules, team, scoring etc. Thanks!
  7. We need atleast 1 owner, maybe 2 to take over in a 14 team salary keeper league. Buy-in is $50, plus there is (can be) buy-out costs. If you are interested, please text me at (813) 601-5656 to open up the lines of communication and get the rules. Simply looking for good owners willing to commit atleast 2 years (preferably longer) Thanks, Darren