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  1. Active owner interested! My email is let me know! TK Q
  2. Hopefully it not to bad - but I like challenges - active owner... my my email is let me know Q
  3. I am interested! Active owner Let me know! TK Q
  4. Guess depends on the rest of your WRs and how many WR are required in your format along with if it is true Dynasty were you keep everyone. If it is limited keepers, I would keep Evans...
  5. Interested! Active owner -
  6. Beware of this guy and league - the reason team is bad because he dropped all the players Soto and others before letting new manger take over - this league will never let an outsider win...
  7. Hey Commish, I am interested! I would take Rivers, though he is getting older elite passer and the offense is balanced. Rivers is always in top quarter for attempts. I like Mariota, but he is proving to be not that durable and TN is committed to the run. There are games where he only has around dozen attempts... Captain America - always looking out for the little guy... email TK
  8. Did not ignore - never mentioned it was cash league and tried to have me pay late fee - now I guess you don’t have to pay late fee - would have stayed if communicated better...
  9. Looking for new owner to replace inactive owner in keeper league on yahoo. This league you are allow to keep 16 players. It is a 10 team league, team is decent. Looking to grow this league with more involved players. I have enclosed the link to team available. Let me know if you are interested... Thanks!