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  1. That's a really good point that I didn't take into consideration.
  2. Due to the NFL being a copy-cat league, I think that it is within the realm of possibility that Carolina features a running attack this year that looks like the Saints last year: CJA filling the Ingram role and CMC, Kamara's. Now factor in Cam's rushing ability and this ground game may be even more productive than the 2017 Saints. I'm firmly in the "quietly taking CJA mid-to-late in the draft" crowd. He'll be the perfect RB4 for my squad.
  3. I'll snag this guy off the waiver after my draft, I think he's worth one of the wildcard slots on my roster.
  4. Mitch Trubisky - The hiring of Nagy as head coach has me excited for the Bears for the first time since Lovie Smith was around. CJ Anderson - He'll have less pressure to perform with Cam and CMC in the mix than he did in Denver (recently) Josh Gordon - I think opposing defenses are going to be more concerned with Landry, freeing up Gordon for some potential WR1-caliber games. Austin Serferian-Jenkins - No Robinson, no Hurns, no problem. ASJ's cleaned up his act and is ready to catch some balls in Sacksonville. Robbie Gould - Speaking of the Lovie Smith era in Chi-town, their old kicker is gonna do good work for SF again this season. Chargers D/ST - They looked good last year, I think they'll look even better this year.
  5. I'm diggin' the Tennessee Titans. They've got the personnel and now (hopefully) they've got their coach in Vrabel (former Texans DC).
  6. It's total bull****, but it was fun to make: Arizona Cardinals: Not only does Rosen play, but he crushes it. Ends up the finest of the rookie QBs who start this year. Atlanta Falcons: OC Sarkessian continues to f--- everything up, Falcons finish with unimpressive stats costing Sark his job. Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore's passing game regains public respect, Crabtree finishes with 1,200 yards and 8 TDs. Buffalo Bills: The Bills play competent football. Allen starts and looks horrible but the rest of the team covers up for it. Carolina Panthers: Cam's ego dashes any hope of offensive cohesion, Panthers take last in the NFC South. Chicago Bears: Nagy turns Chicago around, placing second in the NFC North and wins a wildcard game before getting stuffed by the Saints in the Divisional round. Cincinnati Bengals: Who're they again? Bengals remain a team in the NFL but Marvin Lewis is canned. Cleveland Browns: The Browns make it into the post-season via a wildcard slot. Dallas Cowboys: Leighton Vander-Esch wins DROY after brutalizing opposing RBs all season. Garrett's mis-coaching leads to another missed post-season. Denver Broncos: Vance Joseph is fired half-way through the season, Broncos fail to make the play-offs despite solid play from Keenum. Detroit Lions: Year one for Patricia is a brutal one, finishing 8-8. Golden Tate leaves the team by the end of the year. Green Bay Packers: Finishes last in the NFC North, McCarthy spends the off-season in the hottest of seats. Houston Texans: Watson cannot stay healthy, Texans take last in the AFC South. Hopkins requests trade, holds out prior to start of 2019 season. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck finishes in the Top 10 at his position, the Colts edge the Jaguars out of the play-offs at the wire. Jacksonville Jaguars: Fournette misses at least 5 games, Jaguars miss the play-offs despite another stellar showing on defense. Kansas City Chiefs: Andy Reid reformats his offense around Mahomes successfully but loses out to the Chargers for #1 in the AFC West. Miami Dolphins: Finishes the season at the second-worst team in the NFL, drafts a new QB second overall. Minnesota Vikings: Kirk Cousins earns the Superbowl MVP and establishes himself as a truly elite QB. New England Patriots: Burkhead ends up hurt leading to Sony Michel taking the spotlight winning the OROY award. Belichick leaves NE after the season ends. New Orleans Saints: Saints' running game collapses leading to a return of gun-slinging Drew Brees who puts up 4,000 yards through the air. New York Giants: Despite the note-worthy additions on offense, the Giants battle fiercely with the 'skins for last place in the NFC East. Drafts a QB 6th overall. New York Jets: Darnold busts spectacularly, Jets remain in the basement but still manage to beat the Patriots once. Oakland Raiders: Gruden experiment fails catastrophically, Raiders take dead last leading to Carr's replacement being drafted first overall. Philadelphia Eagles: Nearly repeats thanks to Pederson's genius coaching but loses to the Vikings in the NFC Conference championships. Wentz regresses. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steelers narrowly lose the Superbowl to the Vikings in a shootout. 42 - 38. San Diego Chargers: Chargers sign Dez Bryant to line up next to Keenan Allen, make it to the Division round but lose it to the Titans. San Francisco 49ers: Niners make the play-offs, but are eliminated in the wildcard round, both JimmyG and McKinnon finish in the Top 12 of their positions. Seattle Seahawks: Seahawks finish the year with a 5-11 record. Wilson ends up on IR for the second half of the season. St. Louis Rams: The Great Show on Turf 2.0 fizzles out, Rams eliminated in the Divisional round. Suh leaves the Rams after one season. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers turn their season around after Winston's 3-game suspension, take 3rd in the NFC South. Tennessee Titans: The Titans win their division thanks to their newly minted elite defense. Vrabel wins Coach of the year. Washington Redskins: Alex Smith is miserable in Washington, Guice ends up the worst bust of the rookie RBs. Redskins prove to be nearly impossible to watch. Again.
  7. If Belichick leaves the Patriots after the 2018 season, I'd love to see him replace Hue Jackson in Cleveland and turn the Browns into the next NFL dynasty with Baker Mayfield at the helm.
  8. Miller would have a real hard time making the RB3 slot on my team, which is currently held by Kareem Hunt. Miller's not a playmaker, he's a clock-grinder. While I'm not sold on Foreman taking his spot, I can easily see the Texans grabbing another RB before the start of the season to "motivate" Lamar. Someone like C.J. Anderson would do the trick. I'd be comfortable saying that I think that the Houston Texans will select a Runningback with one of their first three picks in the 2019 draft.
  9. The Browns look like they are trying to emulate the Patriots approach to the RB position, making Cleveland's RBs Fantasy Kryptonite.
  10. Guys, guys... South Carolina here clearly knows Baker Mayfield intimately, so we should take its assessment of Baker's character seriously. Very seriously.
  11. Raiders collapse under Gruden and end up picking first overall in 2019. Bears make the play-offs as a wildcard but lose to the Saints in the Divisional round. Kirk Cousins a Top 5 QB by season's end. Luck plays five games, retires due to medical issues in December. Buccaneers and Saints both make the post-season, Panthers and Falcons watch from home. Giants take their division, Eagles fail to make it to the play-offs. Jacksonville represents the AFC in the Superbowl. Seahawks go 4-12, Pete Carroll retires.
  12. Y'know, I completely forgot about OC Todd Haley heading to Cleveland. I like that move, he did good work in Pittsburgh. Because of all of the moves made this off-season, I think that the Browns will be good for about six wins this season at minimum, with a Wildcard slot as their ceiling.
  13. Were I in charge of the Browns, my goal after a winless season wouldn't be to try for the Superbowl but rather to merely establish a respectable (and hopefully at least slightly dangerous) squad. Tyrod, Hyde, Landry, Gordon, Garrett, Schobert, Randall and Peppers is almost there. Frankly, I think that the Browns Achilles' heel is coaching. The Browns could have the Eagles current roster and still under-perform. I've seen nothing from Jackson to suggest that he's an NFL-caliber HC. But hey, the Browns' roster is at least starting to grow teeth.
  14. I'd love to see the Browns take Bradley Chubb with the first overall pick and then Quenton Nelson with the fourth overall pick. Chubb + Garrett = Havoc, while Nelson could help fill in for Joe Thomas.