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  1. May be interested, just clarifying, are your auction prices factored into your keepers next season? Or is it simply any 11 guys?
  2. He's my target around the 2/3 turn if I pick early in my drafts - is that a reach?
  3. The reason I want 14 is because I am confident I can get Chubb at 19... A Juju/Kelce/Odell + Chubb start would be unreal
  4. In a 16 team league, I have the first "pick" to pick my draft slot... leaning toward 3 or 14-16. Any ideas??
  5. Thinking about grabbing him at the back end of the 2nd round... thoughts?
  6. Looks fantastic. Maybe missed your buying window but if not, get him.
  7. If all you did was read these forums you'd swear every kid with a 50+ grade power tool is the next Babe Ruth.
  8. One open UTIL spot, deciding between Kieboom, Nate Lowe, and Dan Vogelbach... Please help!!
  9. 6.35 ERA, 3.72 FIP, 3.60 xFIP 19.6 K-BB% (18.0 in 2018) 15.6% HR/FB (10.3% career) .378 BABIP (.320 in 2018) MOST IMPORTANT: 56.8% LOB% Far too early to write this season off. Under the hood he looks very much like the same pitcher. I wouldn't sell, if anything I'd be looking to buy.
  10. Dagger. There goes my team! Not sure I can recover if he misses 2 months.
  11. I grabbed him at 55 in a 12-team, 5x5 Roto league. A little early, maybe, but I had no interest in missing out on the middle tier of catchers and having to scuffle to find solid at bats. Just got ahead of the problem.
  12. Yeah, that lineup outside of Lindor/Ramirez is really, really bad.