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  1. interested, shoot me an email
  2. Why have they not traded him, makes no sense to me.
  3. Better Roto player, should be top 40 in roto I imagine. H2H is much tougher. Probably should go top 60 ish?
  4. Drummond and Gobert. Punt FT/PTS. Draymond and Simmons/Heild, then shore up assists/threes. Never fails.
  5. 16 team? Its close, I may even put Harden here in this conversation. I'd probably go KAT, can't really go wrong and need the games played.
  6. Always curious what people thought about drafting guys like KD, Klay, Dipo in these settings... Is KD worth a top 40 pick?
  7. I'm going to join but will not be able to pay on leaguesafe for another 1-2 hours... please don't boot.
  8. Want to join an ESPN auction league at relatively low stakes... anyone got anything??
  9. No real need to punt steals, especially if ur punting FG% like it seems you would with Dame+Embiid. Plenty of high steals, low FG% guys later on.
  10. Best rookie on his own team. Kid is going to be special. No hype for someone who just turned in one of the best collegiate seasons in recent memory? C'mon.
  11. 10 Team H2H 8-Cat, punting FG% and REB (although I think I could win boards some weeks). 1 James Harden Hou, SG 1 20 Kyrie Irving Bkn, PG 2 21 Kawhi Leonard LAC, SF 3 40 Kristaps Porzingis Dal, PF 4 41 Myles Turner Ind, C 5 60 Mike Conley Utah, PG 6 61 Kyle Lowry Tor, PG 7 80 Bam Adebayo Mia, C 8 81 Brook Lopez Mil, C 9 100 Robert Covington Min, SF 10 101 Jeff Teague Min, PG 11 120 Gary Harris Den, SG 12 121 Terrence Ross Orl, SG 13
  12. This is one of the bigger dynasty trades I've seen. I'd probably hold, unless the rest of your team is way out of contention. Go for the W. You clearly get worse this year with this deal.
  13. Yeah, there will be no better example of why auction is superior to snake than when 99% of last place teams with pick 6-8 finish bottom of the league
  14. In all seriousness, he's not. People want to tout the out of position steals and assists. What about the fact that he's going to be the lowest scorer in that round by possibly 5+ points. Or that he is a poor shot blocker. Or that he doesn't hit many threes? Or that he could be managed? Or that they've stated they don't want to run the offense through him? I like him, but I cannot take him over Lillard, Embiid, Beal, etc. Back end of the first for me.
  15. Such an elite punt FG% & TO center, grab him and load up on guards because he gives you such a strong foundation in REB and BLK. Love that build, love pairing him with George, Kyrie, Kemba, Booker, Trae
  16. The load management nonsense is really bothering me, may be time to switch it over to roto for good. If not for this, he's a must in any punt FG% build.
  17. Does anyone have any experience punting multiple categories? From what I've read the more you punt the more dangerous it is, as your margin of error gets more and more slim. I am currently in an 10-team H2H (8 cats, no TO) with the first pick. The no brainer move is Harden and punt FG%, but I was thinking that I could maximize my value by punting FG% and REB and targeting those high BLK, low REB and FG% bigs that can contribute in other areas like Kristaps, Turner, Lopez, JJJ. Figured a team that went Harden, George, Kristaps, Turner would be absurdly strong in 6 cats. Any thoughts as to whether this could work? Anyone have any history punting multiple categories?