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  1. If your playing in a league and you do your research, you should be rooting for wacky rankings...
  2. His home run problem is not because he does not hits the ball hard, its because his ground ball percentage last year was 54.6% vs a career average of 41.3% (albeit in only a 157 PA sample, but still).
  3. I cannot wait to trade this man for DeGrom straight up after he goes into Miami and throws 8 scoreless with 22 K's. Seriously, opening day could be a freaking bloodbath given the matchup.
  4. From a real life perspective this move is a no-brainer - I suppose an argument could be made to have Soto in the 2 hole given his monstrous plate discipline but whatever. From a fantasy perspective I can't say I'm super disappointed. I own as many shares of Turner as I can get, and I'm not going to complain about him hitting behind Eaton who's a .394 OBP guy in his time with Washington. I'll take the extra RBIs all day. The steals will be there regardless of where he hits, I'm just happy they are not ******** around with him in the 5 and 6 hole like they did a bit last year. Behind Eaton and in front of Rendon and Soto? Sign me up.
  5. There's some talk of him being on the bubble for the roster in the wake of the CarGo signings? Seems ridiculous but I'd like someone take.
  6. Feel like this should be a more discussed topic as we get closer to the season. The complete abyss at the catcher position will force some people to reach early for one - if you grab the first catcher off the board, who are you taking?
  7. Was offered CJ McCollum for Buddy Hield in dynasty - my team is a punt assists team... Thoughts?
  8. Now that we're far enough into the season to asses (somewhat) how our teams were drafted, does anyone have any very good teams that successfully pulled off a good 9-cat punt this year? Already beginning next years preparations, as my team staring Dipo, Wall, Love, and Dejounte Murray is squarely out of contention
  9. FG Points league, Dynasty, Keep forever, inaugural draft, 24 team... HELP
  10. What concerns me with him is how little success he had with his secondary pitches. Yes, he's immensely talented, but at the MLB level it was really only his fastball that got him results. (Pitch Values Per 100) Not a great look for a starter. Obviously he can improve, but he NEEDS to improve to be a viable starter I think.
  11. Yeah, love everything he does but I won't be taking him over Trout, Betts, JoRam, Lindor, Turner - steals are just too valuable. Then after than I think I'd have to give the nod to Arenado because of Coors, and I could easily be convinced of Yelich or any of the elite starters over him. Its all about speed early on I think.
  12. He's a steal if you can get him in the second round. Like, sorry he didn't hit .350 last year, but he was still very very very good. With health and that elite lineup behind him, he's still a threat for 20hr/100r/80rbi/20sb/.315avg.
  13. Its stuff like this that makes me hate the NBA sometimes. Too often it feels like the league is built more on these huge clashing egos than attempting to win basketball games.
  14. Yeah this was my thinking as well. I don't think I'm going to end up with many (if any) of the top, elite prospects. Just would rather have the safety of an established MLB player in the early rounds because it may prove difficult to get everyday players at every position.
  15. Theres a ton of pitchers I'll be targeting late in deep drafts if I go super heavy on hitting early; Anibal is close to the top of that list.
  16. Oh for sure. I think its fantasy-suicide in H2H, but in Roto its just super difficult to win the league if your finishing with a 1 or 2 in saves.
  17. I mean, thats WHY people use the high pick on them, because there are only a handful that are ~locks to keep their jobs all year. I wouldn't personally reach for one of those top tier guys, but I would advise against compensating by snagging multiple of the middle tier dudes. Just wait if your not gonna get an Edwin Diaz or Craig Kimbrel. Be smart on the wire as the year goes on, draft a few closers late, youll be fine.
  18. Totally agree with what everyone is saying, but if you are playing in a league with anyone who is taking it seriously, this is going to inflate his value a ton. I still think the best value is going to be waiting on a catcher and trying to snag one of the middle tier ones (Perez, Yadi, Contreras, Posey, Grandal, or Ramos) who are all ADP 110-145 ish. I think thats where the value is. If your playing 5x5 and the Phillies land Harper, this may change. He could lead all catchers in both runs and RBIs with that lineup.
  19. I think this is what I am planning on doing, but it is a 24 team league - If I wait too long, the pitching market will be barren as hell.
  20. I'll end up owning both of the Oakland Matts in as many leagues as I can. I think Olson is some good luck away from being a premier slugger, and Chapman is a small launch angle adjustment away from clearing 35 homers with ease.
  21. FGpoints, so I think the top pitchers generally outperform the top hitters, though not by much. I still don't think that justifies going after pitching early in a dynasty because of how volatile and how short the shelf life of pitchers are.
  22. Points leagues, maybe I'm buying, but in 5x5 no freaking way. He won't ever run, and the lineup around him is very questionable. Yeah, maybe he pops off for .315 with 30 homers, but he could easily finish the season hitting fewer than 30 homers and not reaching 100 RBIs or Runs. Combined with the fat zero you get in steals, I just cannot see myself buying in redraft.
  23. Is a guy like Wander Franco really a better 2nd round pick then some other young but proven stud...?
  24. Recently joined a 20 team, H2H points, keep forever dynasty league. Its my first league like this, I was wondering how people approach the first draft? Obviously its incredibly important as it lays the foundation for you team for the next several years. My strategy I think is going to be avoiding pitching early as pitchers tend to be more volatile? I don't want my 2nd or 3rd round picks to be done producing for me in only a couple of years... Thoughts??