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  1. IMO Consistency issues are going to be prevalent but at the same time not many surefire starting SP's at his range have the upside- reds are getting better, and hes still very young.
  2. Lakers giving the young guys run to close out season.
  3. beware everybody. I was never paid for this user sandigonation football league. He doesn't use leaguesafe. My experience is that he does not pay out. I won and never got paid. I DONT KNOW OR SPEAK FOR ANYONE ELSES EXPERIENCE BUT MINE WAS BRUTAL.)
  4. Will depend on what Kenrich does tonight - luckily poetl still available
  5. To drop or not to drop kenrich for Jakob that is the question my friends
  6. doesn't hurt to add since embiid already eligible for IR spot...imo… one can only dream what he can do in 30 mins but with 20 hopefully he an avg 10 & 8
  7. Should be fifth starter for Atlanta this year. Flashed some upside last year, big time dynasty value in mid rounds- still only 22 until June.
  8. Maybe bour and pujols split time at first at which point that goal is still possible
  9. I am more concerned about a timeshare with bour or pujols at DH when he gets healthy. He hit .222 vs left against .313 vs right.