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  1. The best thing about all this is the patriots PEPPERING him with targets when hes on the field, specially in red zone. Shoving AB's a$$ right in all the haters faces. Shame he only caught one touchdown, more coming soon. Also love how they told everyone what they wanted to hear, "we didn't know he was gonna be accused until after we signed him" of course they knew, they probably told him not to settle. Keep your money buddy, we'll even add an option. New England knows how to win and AB helps them win. As far as league is concerned regarding new allegations, if manning can tbag then ab can fart.
  2. looks good, kyler has attempted like 94 passes, I dont see why kirk isn't wr2 before long.
  3. Nagy is to blame 100% here. Imagine being a head coach in the NFL and on third down and one yard to go, you have Montgomery, but yet you decide Cordarelle Patterson, a WR bust, gets the ball. Negative yards naturally. Makes no sense, Montgomery looked very good when he got the ball, came up with a solid catch, and yet gets benched in second half. Luckily Nagy looked like such a loser that he surely has to change it up for week 2. Hopefully he will learn that he needs to play his best players to win games in NFL.
  4. Three of twelve teams available. Ppr. Slow draft 2 hours per pick starts as soon as league fills up. First come first serve, leave email below
  5. SP so far, strikeout pitcher... ERA was below 1 at AA but over 10 since promotion to AAA
  6. He should succeed Castro any day now
  7. I feel I have no choice but to keep taking kittle in every dynasty league at bottom of second round where he falls... Kelce is going in top to middle of second.
  8. Dynasty league. Also had to include #9 pick in rookie draft with the prospects and got back #33 with freddie, who wins.
  9. I'm in first place and therefore made this trade where i sent the above prospects for the old heads, hoping for a playoff push...How did we do here.. ?
  10. Not gonna lie boys, i sent voit, because i have Cooper and Bruce to slot in at 1B... I have now received an offer for Freddie surrounded around pearson and my first rounder for rookie draft, I am considerng... I also just sent McKenzie and Brinson and Holloway for Hamels Price and Cabrera and Romo, I'm in first place. Lets see how it all plays out...