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  1. Very athletic and this offense has TE friendly depth chart. Just about only TE left in Jax. Bengals suck, but tanked 11th vs TE. Immediate add in dynasty, wait and see in redraft imho... if you got an easy drop, give it a shot. Josh Oliver was pick 69th overall. sup Gronk.
  2. Typically I would agree and Shady probably a TD or bust either way but possibly worth noting the last three weeks the score totals have actually been pretty high week 6: 49, week 5: 59, week 4: 61. Refs are calling less penalties, Mahomes is due for a big game on national TV and the Broncos defense is overrated, middle of pack rankings vs RB (19th).
  3. Team A: Victor Robles, JP Crawford Team B: Brian Anderson, Julio Urias Who wins?
  4. Drake must be on his way out, and then what else can this offense really do aside from force feeding dump offs to this guy? Let's see what he does next week, Redskins not a tough test. Bills have nice defense... and excellent secondary.. Again... they may have no other option.. dump off city
  5. Conner got hurt, and Snell Jr got garbage time run, showed well. Unfortunately Conner now has bye week to get right. Elite cuff with upside if Conner misses time and Samuels out longer than expected. Looked good running ball forsure, although Conner looked like winner from Samuels injury, finally featured.
  6. Passes eye test... next kamara... 😂
  7. cant wait till after deadline to dump his a**. also cant wait to wait for deadline and not drop him for everett and watch him not get traded.
  8. Looking back i would say best place to draft would be last pick, go with CHUBB and COOK and then GODWIN and KUPP on turnaround, just like we all guessed, go figure...
  9. right but you probably cant unless you play with guys who donate RBs
  10. We draft WRs early because for every Hunt there is a hundred Montgomerys
  11. Who is better handcuff PPR, Wilkins? Or Hines?
  12. i enjoyed watching him take petersons redzone/goal line snaps
  13. Who wins my roster: Lamar jackson saquan mack montgomery ab Aj green john ross kirk Olsen Bench: breida/Deebo etc
  14. The best thing about all this is the patriots PEPPERING him with targets when hes on the field, specially in red zone. Shoving AB's a$$ right in all the haters faces. Shame he only caught one touchdown, more coming soon. Also love how they told everyone what they wanted to hear, "we didn't know he was gonna be accused until after we signed him" of course they knew, they probably told him not to settle. Keep your money buddy, we'll even add an option. New England knows how to win and AB helps them win. As far as league is concerned regarding new allegations, if manning can tbag then ab can fart.
  15. looks good, kyler has attempted like 94 passes, I dont see why kirk isn't wr2 before long.
  16. Nagy is to blame 100% here. Imagine being a head coach in the NFL and on third down and one yard to go, you have Montgomery, but yet you decide Cordarelle Patterson, a WR bust, gets the ball. Negative yards naturally. Makes no sense, Montgomery looked very good when he got the ball, came up with a solid catch, and yet gets benched in second half. Luckily Nagy looked like such a loser that he surely has to change it up for week 2. Hopefully he will learn that he needs to play his best players to win games in NFL.
  17. Three of twelve teams available. Ppr. Slow draft 2 hours per pick starts as soon as league fills up. First come first serve, leave email below
  18. SP so far, strikeout pitcher... ERA was below 1 at AA but over 10 since promotion to AAA