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  1. "Gave it a day, now back to work after much reflection, no cool fonts no cool quotes this time, just facts: in this short time of knowing about my injury I’ve realized why this hurts so bad and it’s the brotherhood of baseball. From my teammates, to training staff, to coaches, front office members, homies from around the league, the fans, and my agency, the support and good vibes sent has me in pure admiration for this “game” I get to play. These relationships built will last me a lifetime and will only drive me to get back to competing. I’ll miss fighting with my homies and I’ll miss fighting against y’all other ones. This ain’t a memorial and no I’m passed my pity party but had to show my appreciation because it was a much needed pick me up. I’ll be back soon✌️🌞 #SunAlwaysShinesAfterTheRain " from his IG.

    Hate to say it... Sounding like he's shut down for a long long time.