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  1. Any expectations for this week? I know he hasn't thrown more than 4 innings to this point in his recovery, but he is lined up for a 2 start this week. I know most would say look for better options or whatever.. I don't want to give my other options and what not because I don't want to take this to the A/C route. Let's just say he is in play for me lol.
  2. Anyone else going to be dumb enough to start him today.. or just me? Really ugly at my 3rd WR so I am taking DPark over Aj Brown and Beasley. The biggest concern I think I have is that the Dolphins have no one else, so why wouldn’t Gilmore follow DeVante? I do like the game script coming with Fitz winging it.. but if Parker gets the same treatment as Juju last week (which he should) could be a ugly one.
  3. ESPN is guessing that he goes again this upcoming weekend VS. the Mets... anybody else have anything on him? I am rolling him in my weekly lock league so kind of sketchy.
  4. Willie McGinest just posted on his IG a video at a Patriots event with Gronk catching passes saying “big come back news dropping tomorrow night”... take it how you like. Lol.. good times right now.
  5. In weekly leagues next week what are you guys doing with him? It says on the schedule that included the skipped start he should be going against the Mets on Sunday the 15th. I’m going into my 2 week matchup for the championship and rolling him out there to not get one start for this next week scares the s--- out of me.
  6. I remember. And It’s called a joke. Doug Martin also started that year with 24 attempts in week 1. Followed by 22 & 19 the next two. So I don’t even get the comparison.
  7. I was on board with your message until it got to Doug Martin.
  8. Has to make him at least top 3 in dynasty at WR now. Only ones that have a case to be above are Hopkins and Odell.. I wouldn’t argue with anyone if they wanted Adams over him too but I’ll take the next 3 with Mahomes over the next 3 with Rodgers.
  9. Jets: I know some people in the league aren't [head coach] Adam Gase guys, but I am. One thing that he does well is he lets loose trusted guys on offense. That's what will happen with [running back] Le'Veon Bell. If he stays healthy—big if, I know—he's an MVP candidate. Gase will run him until his d--k falls off. (Writer's note: If that happened, it would be a first in NFL history.)
  10. Lol yeah okay "Spina".. Man, I am so scared of what you might have done to me in your younger years. I didn't realize I was replying to such a little cry baby. You are so cool for being able to post on here so much that you aren't a "rookie". Between your one great prediction from two years ago and your ability to post on here 3000 times.. that must equate to you knowing so so much about football. I am so honored to be in your presence all mighty one.
  11. That is a cool prediction and all.. but Jesus, I’m curious how happy you be if only you could remove a rib and love on yourself some more.
  12. First of all bro, you’re super weird. Secondly, mine was much more of a joke than serious. I was simply stating/showing dudes an idiot. I don’t care to defend Brissett or some 7th round pick drunk.
  13. Oh you mean the guy in college that was kicked off the team at Clemson for "conduct detrimental" to the team, arrested for punching a bouncer at a bar and threatening to open gun fire in the bar, then getting into an altercation with police upon arrest? Or the guy in the NFL that dressed as a cowboy, stumbled drunk into someone's house, sat down on their couch and was "mumbling incoherently" until he was hit with a vaccum tube. Yeah that is the guy I would really be betting on here. You seem like a great Qb evaluator, I bet you were high on Manziel too.