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  1. John Dorsey already thinking about how long he would have to wait until he signs him.
  2. If you’re predicting the Dolphins, I’m not sure how you could scoff at the Colts. The Dolphins have Kenyan Drake (young and cheap) just like the Colts have Marlon Mack. I would say they are very similar. Drake is dynamic runner and can catch the rock. The only reason Mack is outproducing Drake currently is because Gase is and idiot and I’m Colts have a great system going and oline. The Florida team I forgot to mention would be the Bucs. Especially if they officially hire Bruce Arians. Ronald Jones and Barber aren’t the answer.. and we have all seen what BA did with David Johnson in AZ.
  3. IMO it is pretty easy: Chiefs- Bell is a top 5 pick Colts- Bell is a top 5 pick Balt- Bell is a top 5 pick Texans- Bell is a top 10 pick (Oline would need to get some upgrades too) Raiders- Late 1st/Early 2nd Jets- Early 2nd (let me see the coaching hire) I think it comes down to the Jets, Colts and Texans. Hoping the money is close with the Colts or Texans because I would obviously prefer those. Bell knows he can’t look any more stupid and sign a s--- deal, but I think he doesn’t want to play for the Jets if he can help it.
  4. Go ahead and add Derius Guice for me now. Yikes
  5. Well guy.. maybe if you actually looked around at some sites instead of listing his height, you would know what I mean. I’m not saying he should be SG eligible either, but I’ve seen it on multiple sites. Same as Doncic currently being SG/PF eligible on ESPN.
  6. Does anyone know why he isn’t anything but PF eligible. I’ve seen on a lot of other sites and rankings that he has SG eligibility. I know they are tough to call but does anyone see an add coming?
  7. Watch this. There is no way Jackson isn't starting this week. John can say whatever he wants all the way up until Sunday.
  8. Leveon tweet could have meant a bunch of different stuff.. like time to pass the sticks back to daddy (like he’s coming back) or time to pass the sticks, talking about the Panthers getting blown out by 21+ already (a Madden rule) or time to pass it off to James for good. I’m going with daddy is coming back until I hear otherwise ?
  9. Look, I am not going to get into all of the details of how I know, because I honestly can care less about who believes me or not. I am not going back and forth with anyone.. I am just telling you I am close with someone who works with Bakari. Bell is 100% coming back this year. I have no insight or idea how the split is going to work with him and Conner or what the Steelers have planned for him, I wouldn't/couldn't advise what to do with either. But Bell is going to be back with them next week. However you feel about that is how you move forward with either your Bell or Conner shares. I have zero skin in the game personally, I just think this thread is so ridiculous that I like to read once and a while. I am not saying I agree or disagree with any of the following.. But they feel like the main goal was to preserve the amount of total touches on him this year and limit the chances of severe injury. Although he has given up a large portion of his salary this year already, they do think it is important for him to show how "special" a player he is before he goes for his big deal this offseason. Also- Reason I even ended up hearing this for sure was I text the Bball picture of him (that I posted in this thread earlier) to the person making a joke about it. We then got to talking about that whole thing much more and that is what they told me.
  10. So he doesn't want to risk his health for 14.5 MIL this year... but playing pick up Bball at a LA Fitness for free is worth it. Makes sense
  11. Honestly, his style is very similar to LeSean McCoy. I understand that might seem like a stretch to some, but if you watch that film you will see a very similar shiftness, ability to take it to the house on any carry, and he can catch. I do not think he is a good as player as prime McCoy at all, or that he is physically as talented, but I think he has sneaky every down look. I have added for sure. I think he is a solid stash on a team that would be wise to incorporate a playmaker for their young QB.
  12. I did consider that. Still felt the side you were giving was better off holding onto.
  13. Appreciate the input! Just answered yours in return. Keep em coming please! Need some input on this one
  14. Thanks for the input on mine. I would keep the Cook + Tevin combo. I think the offense with the Falcons and the potential Cook should have when he returns outweighs the Cardinal offense DJ