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  1. has there been any legit talk of him being called up in the near future?
  2. Their best writer Jorge Castillo tweeted he is being called up to start
  3. Not starting for the Rays today; going with Kitteridge as the opener edit: I thought today was Thursday. don't mind me! lol ---I realize now he is starting tomorrow vs Boston. sorry!
  4. Serving as the opener tomorrow ahead of Quantrill
  5. Thoughts on this kid? Sounds like he’s at least being considered for a call up at some point this year Chris McCosky on Twitter: “Tigers will need a fifth starter again on Sunday (corrected myself). Beau Burrows pitched yesterday Tyler Alexander pitched Sunday. Drew VerHagen pitched last Saturday. There you have it.” ...all of Tigers Twitter is disgusted they called Carpenter up again to get shelled again instead of this dude
  6. Sitting against Matz??? Why?!?!
  7. only what others have stated previously; possibly tomorrow. search twitter later tonight to see if there's been any additional updates
  8. saw Marc Topkin say on Twitter that he should DH some this week; check his page for more accurate info
  9. is he sticking in the rotation for now?
  10. Saw Schulman’s nice write up about him earlier today and Not in yahoo naturally
  11. Realistic ETA; next season? 2021?
  12. Hmm..Wendle is lefty and Yandy rakes lefties...playing Happ tonight who is known to get shelled by good RHH
  13. If he throws well, anything is possible, but the end of the article states: " As for Allen, it's entirely possible his first stint with San Diego will be a short one. Beginning Thursday, the Padres have three days off in an eight-day stretch. They've already shuttled a handful of young starters back and forth between the Minors and Majors this year, depending on their rotation needs. After Allen's start Tuesday, that rotation need probably doesn't exist anymore."