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  1. I am interested chewie1977@rogers.com Thank you.
  2. count me in chewie1977@rogers.com
  3. Who better player Benn or Tatar? just curious
  4. Count me in chewie1977@rogers.com Looking forward joining your league.
  5. I am interested chewie1977@rogers.com Thank you.
  6. Quick question Leaguesafe or Fantrax Treasure Payment?
  7. Count me in, I am interested. chewie1977@rogers.com Thank you. lol this should be funny and fun
  8. Count me in chewie1977@rogers.com Thank you.
  9. I am looking for a 1st year in Hockey Dynasty League with min $50 with League-safe. It doesn't matter which websites but as long is leaguesafe. Does anyone have a league, I would like to join in. Let me know. Thank you.