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  1. Just did a Yahoo draft Sunday evening & had 6 pick in 12 teamer & grabbed Fournette with my 2nd round/19th overall pick. Don't quote me but I believe he was in the 16 range in Yahoo's system draft room in terms of ADP.
  2. That's what I thought but the way TB runs their starters, it's hard to very well could be. It would obviously be a better matchup....I was looking more at next week for weekly lineups & that's all @NYY and @BOS according to CBS.
  3. Next week will be a good barometer....TB is @NYY and @BOS...either of those will be a tough test of just how much Glasnow has progressed. It's looking to me like his next start will be @NYY but not seeing anything concrete yet.
  4. Taillon's story is a good one...all that he had to go through & battle back from with TJ & groin surgeries and then cancer...??? It's amazing he's even in the league, much less throwing complete games AT COORS. The dude has my respect & I hope all the bad is behind him. He should be a solid fantasy pitcher for years to come.
  5. I am too...even some of the pitchers who helped bump his reputation (Ivan Nova) have regressed back to what they were before they got to Pittsburgh.
  6. LOL, he's just 25 years years old. This line of thinking is folly....his career track so far has been repeated several times. Get promoted, struggle mightily, game slows down, he does OK to pretty well, light bulb turns on and he is pretty much up there hunting baseballs that look like beach balls.....only now there is nowhere to promote him to. I'd say is is more likely that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with for the better part of the next decade.
  7. He's been on RP duty all year so TB will have to stretch him out before they let him go much more than long-relief type pitch counts. I am not quite sure how to take it but has Glasnow listed as the Ray's #3 starter on their depth chart.
  8. In his defense, Gibson was undone by horrible defense last night...error on Polanco is how first couple runs came in so the bad beginning was not his fault. That he never quite recovered & settled in, however, is his fault. Cleveland's offense is no joke so I would lean toward giving him a pass on this one & see how he responds on the road against Detroit before making any rash decisions about him ROS.
  9. Over/Under on # of pitches tonight? I'm going with 55-60 depending how the control aspect plays out in first couple innings...
  10. It's always been about his BB/9 in the big leagues...he had some control issues in minors too but his K rate would make up for it & then some and he just hasn't been able to get away with it in the bigs. Maybe the strike zone is a bit smaller, more likely the hitters are just more savvy and don't chase. Regardless, whatever it is, I also think he could be one of those who realize their potential via change of scenery. I picked him up recently via package trade in long-term keeper league & I'm paying close attention to how TB uses him ROS though I doubt I'll ever start him unless they start letting him go more than 48 pitches AND he doesn't have a BB per inning average when they do. The tweet above of TB pitching coach being as tall as Tyler is especially intriguing to me...could just be he needs a guy who knows the struggle of being so tall & how to speak that language in terms of how to get more consistent with mechanics & whatnot to get the control issues...err, under control. Glasnow is still just 24 years old. The book on this guy is just starting to be written.
  11. On the road, lotta LH bats in WAS lineup...i would think he'll have mediocre outing, mebbe give back a few points to we weekly guys but could be QS too. It will be interesting to see how he does for sure.
  12. Interesting...2B & SS are obviously more of need areas for SD but Villanueva only hitting .237 & K's a ton. Any position flexibility is a good thing i long as moving him around doesn't mess him up mentally in some way.
  13. Had him last year and seemed to be his M.O.
  14. Saw this on Twitter last week...not sure when the pic is from exactly but seems Robles is still some time away from playing.