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  1. 3 HR's served up to the Giants. HE GONE
  2. I bit. 9 rbi's in the last 4 games (3 doubles) going into summer.. Will be hard pressed to find someone on FA with higher ceiling.
  3. More like a bad week of matchups (desperation).. but glad I did!
  4. Paul Goldschmidt is a shinier Miggy. Brian Dozier should be here as well. Antithesis would be Hunter Pence. Who knew!?
  5. OBP machine.. The power will come soon enough.
  6. Low risk High reward situation. Not sure why they are underselling him. Will be the ace of a very good ball club (which should only get better).
  7. That's a weird fetish but to each his own.
  8. Helps lessen the Sale blow. Long Live KKKershaw.
  9. Getting him back in week 2 for that price is a steal! Stay healthy. Stay healthy. Stay healthy.
  10. I did it anyway (loving the Brewers). Just going to have to show some restraint with matchups.
  11. And yet, there he sits on FA in my 14 man.