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  1. All-Star game lineups revealed. NL / AL NL 1. Baez 2B 2. Arenado 3B 3. Goldschmidt DH 4. Freeman 1B 5. Kemp LF 6. Harper CF 7. Markakis RF 8. Crawford SS 9. Contreras C AL 1. Mookie RF 2. Altuve 2B 3. Trout CF 4. JD Martinez DH 5. JoRam 3B 6. Judge LF 7. Machado SS 8. Abreu 1B 9. Perez C That AL lineup is nasty.
  2. What about stashing Cano? I'm in first by about 20 games but a lot can happen in a month.
  3. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    I was thinking how interesting would it be if they split the two brackets so its small guys vs big guys. 6' and under vs. 6' and up like how they have bigs vs guards in the NBA skills challenge. I'm sure they would be a lot of objections but I think it would be pretty cool.
  4. J.T. Realmuto 2018 Outlook

    Heyman: Nationals could 'revisit' Realmuto If this were to happen what effect would it have on Realmuto's value? I understand he'd be hitting in a much better lineup which should boost his counting stats. But would his playing time take a hit in relation to on the Marlins?
  5. Who is my 5th keeper? **WHIR**

    Soto or Acuna
  6. Hyun-Jin Ryu 2018 Outlook

    The odds of all seven of those guys remaining healthy once Ryu is back are very slim.
  7. The Home Run Derby "Curse"

    I wish Jose Martinez got put in it this year so he could figure out how to hit homers.
  8. 7/12 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Scherzer, Stripling, Pivetta, and Skaags! Sitting the latter two but still hoping they put up good performances.
  9. SP Sits/Starts

    The Rockies are hot I'd sit Ray @ Col. I'm leaving Skaags in the DL spot for now. Price I think will have a bounce back outing.
  10. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Declined an invitation to the HR derby. Smart move in my opinion.
  11. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    My team goes ham in the past two days to take the lead in 6 out of 7 batting categories. Then today the kid I'm facing (who has 2 less batters than me), has twice as many guys playing and a full roster. Not fair!!!
  12. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Orioles' Manny Machado likes Instagram pic of himself in Yankees uniform as trade talk intensifies