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  1. Should this trade be vetoed?

    I'd be so mad.
  2. Should this trade be vetoed?

    Trade is bull**** How many wins does the Kamara owner have?
  3. Keeper Preference, WHIR

    Michel Woods Ridley Cooks
  4. Update: Another offer on the table. Conner and Nuk or McCaffrey and Tyreek Hill?
  5. Seems pretty split. Not helping guys!!! Let's dumb it down. Would you guys do Gurley for Nuk and Conner?
  6. It's a fair trade. They're just salty. Unless the kid has 0-3 wins. Then it should be vetoed.
  7. I'm 7-3. Gurley got me out to 7-1 but I've been losing badly because I've lost so many players injury. My team: Russell Wilson Mike Evans, Golden Tate, Courtland Sutton, Tyrell Williams, Maurice Harris Todd Gurley, Phillip Lindsay, Jordan Howard Ebron, Uzomah Zuerlein, Gostkowski (two best kickers....weird flex but ok) Here's the offer: Aaron Rodgers, James Conner, Deandre Hopkins for Russell Wilson, Mike Evans, Todd Gurley I already declined it but I've been thinking about it. This was a counter after I offered him the same trade but with Golden Tate instead of Mike Evans. I know I'm giving up the best player in the deal...but there's been a lot of talk about the Rams resting guys in December, Nuk is a massive upgrade over Mike Evans, and Russell Wilson throws the ball 5 times a game. I wanna hear your opinions, trade deadline is tomorrow!
  8. SNF/MNF - What do you need?

    Less than 37 from Saquon.
  9. What do you guys think?
  10. McCaffrey trade

    He offered it to me haha. I mean if Mack continues to produce (not likely) the way he is and Edelman continues to get 15 a game its not the worst trade.
  11. McCaffrey trade

    Just traded Mack and Edelman for him. Make the trade.
  12. Start 2...4 options...WHIR!

    I wanna say roll Dez out but I think you just rock two TEs if there isn't a better receiver available on the wire.
  13. I'm currently 4-5. I have Goff who has one good matchup left week 11 against KC. He has a bye week 12 so I'd have to play Trubisky against Detroit in the second to last game of the regular season. My running backs, Kamara, McCaffrey and Mack have all had their byes so if they can stay healthy I'd most likely never start Chubb. Big Ben has dream matchups weeks 13-16. What do you guys think? Leave a link WHIR.
  14. 2 RB: Mack, Sony, AJones, Kerryon ~ WHIR

    Gotta play Mack man. Can't believe people are saying Jones over him. Actually mind blowing.
  15. Chubb or Michele ROS? WHIR

    You gotta think Chubb will get more touches. I think the Pats will take it easy with Michel to keep him fresh for the postseason. Plus Burkhead is coming back. Pats fan here btw.