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  1. Scooter Gennett 2018 Outlook

    Kid rakes.
  2. It's not real money haha. But yeah that is a large chunk of my pot for the rest of the season. I'll probably chop it down to around $15. Man I just wish someone drafted him so I could keep him.
  3. Some kid just dropped Vladdy Jr. You can't keep someone who wasn't drafted in my league so its basically a redraft. I'm in first place with a sizeable lead so having a bat that doesn't play won't hurt me too bad. Right now I have a waiver claim in for $30 of the $100 total. Should I be offering more/less. Is his callup imminent? Should I even pick him up considering its a redraft? Thanks for any help, leave a link WHIR.
  4. Who to drop? WHIR!!

    Queue Rush telling you to drop an arm.
  5. Position doesn't matter. Neither guy has the clearest path to playing every day. Who would you want?
  6. Acuna/Bellinger Deal

    If you aren't in a win now situation and are pretty confident you're gonna make the playoffs I would 100% do this trade.
  7. trade question 100% whir

    I think you have a solid offense. I do think Goldschmidt will turn it around, Dozier is doing what he always does starting off a little slow in the first half, and Rizzo will be fine. Machado on the other hand is en fuego and has probably carried your offense with Trout up to this point. I would sit tight for now and hold on to Machado, especially considering he could be dished to a better lineup.
  8. I drafted Musgrove in the last round in a keeper league so if he pitches like I thought he would when I drafted him after coming back from the DL he could be a pretty valuable trade chip. Would you drop any of these guys I grabbed off the waivers for him? If so which one?
  9. Baez trade

    No way. I'd keep Baez over Benintendi and I'm a Red Sox fan. CC is a bum.
  10. Goldy Darvish for Hosmer Nola?

    Straight up buy low/sell high here. I would see if the guy would trade just Goldy for Hosmer.
  11. 5/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Go Degrom, Morton, Freeland, Ross, and ?Junis?
  12. Jakob Junis 2018 Outlook

    I have 6 pitchers going today. My only 6 starts this week. Kinda need this guy but man am I scared.
  13. How much better is Bryant than Shaw?

    He'd probably say take that and flip the arm for a better bat lol