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  1. I finally narrow it down to two options from four and you guys all propose the options I threw out! You're not making this easy!!
  2. I've locked in Baez and Nola as keepers in Round 4 and Round 8. Now I'm deciding between keeping Yelich Round 2 or Realmuto Round 11. After talking to the people drafting ahead of me, it seems like Trout, Mookie, Arenado, and JD Martinez will be drafted before I pick at 5. With JoRam being kept, Scherzer is the best available. I don't have a 3rd, 5th, or 6th round pick this year so my 1st, 2nd and 4th are twice as important. bold=keeper Also let me know if you have other suggestions for who you think I should take 5th instead of Scherzer/Yelich or who you think I can get with the 20th pick.
  3. JoRam is being kept. I'm assuming Trout/Mookie/Arenado go 1, 2, 3. So if I don't keep Yelich that automatically leaves me with Yelich or JD Martinez.
  4. Updated the table with players that have ADPs around each draft pick. The bolded are the keepers. This is what happens when I start looking at fantasy baseball after the addy kicks in at work! I can't decide!
  5. DUDE! Alright so I have the 5th pick. I could keep Baez, Nola, Realmuto with my 8th, 4th, and 11th picks and just pick Yelich in the first round. That would give me all four of the guys plus I'd still have my second round pick. If I were to keep Yelich, Baez, Realmuto I wouldn't get Nola but I'd still have my 1st and 4th round picks. Yelich, Baez, Nola leaves me with just my 1st round pick in the first 6 rounds. What do you guys think?
  6. I always seem to pick my closers last second during the draft without doing any research. Then I end up having to grab guys who take over the closer position off waivers. This year will be different! Who will the reliever that goes undrafted yet still finds a place on the saves leaderboard be this year? What's your RP strategy? Right now Edwin Diaz is the first closer off the board, but he's on the Mets. How many wins will they even have?
  7. You guys aren't helping! More conflicted than ever.
  8. My problem with what you're saying is with your projections for Realmuto. Those projections actually show regression in his stats whereas I see a boost to his numbers coming as a result of the new ballpark/lineup. He had 74 RBIs and 74 runs on the worst team in baseball last year. Look at his career Home/Road splits (below), he obviously didn't like playing in Marlins Park. Moving to arguably the most hitter friendly ballpark being wedged somewhere between Harper/Hoskins one could easily see him coming close to 100 rbis/runs if he stays healthy (another reason he's valuable for his position is his durability). That upside potential at his position is reason enough alone to keep him. PLUS, if he does have that breakout year I will be able to keep him next year, whereas Nola I will not.
  9. Bregman for sure. Torn for the second pick, I'm a huge Freeman believer but I think Stanton is gonna have a big year. I'm a sox fan but I don't think Sale will pitch enough innings. I hate Machado so I will never pick him lol. I would stay away from Marte that lineup he's in is trash.
  10. Aguilar helped me win a ship last year so I gotta go with my mans. Dude rakes.
  11. Carpenter is the only one of those that you couldn't get at the round they are being kept. If relievers are valuable in your league that trade might be a good move as well.
  12. Well lets say I choose the opposite position according to who I keep. If I kept Realmuto I could get someone like Severino in the fourth round. If I kept Nola I would get someone like Buster Posey/Contreras/Wilson Ramos in the 11th round. So would you rather have Severino/Realmuto or Nola/Contreras?