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  1. Mack will practice tomorrow and you guys will feel dumb for arguing about whether Wilkins or Hines will be the guy.
  2. Honestly Cam is a bum and I hope Kyle Allen lights it up and steals the starting job from him. I know it won't happen but a guy with both DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel can dream.
  3. Your RB2 and WR2 in that situation are question marks. No one even knows when they're going to be back. I would just stick with what you got.
  4. Kid listed my 4th round pick as a waiver wire pickup.
  5. Anyone got some info about Kyle Allen's favorite targets in pre-season? Some reassuring stat lines? Anything? Please? Did some research myself, this kid beat out Kyler Murray for the Texas A&M QB job and they're about to face off if Cam doesn't start. Very interesting story line. Also, Kyle started a game last year Week 17. Here's his best throws from that game:
  6. Definitely gonna have a couple shares of this man for his revenge game on fanduel. You know Goff is gonna get him at least one tuddy.
  7. He had just as many last year and he was so bad that Ryan Fitzpatrick almost stole his job.
  8. If Josh Allen was on waivers I'd pick him up and drop Jameis. He was my starting QB when I won the ship last year lmao
  9. I'm starting him over Kyler vs. Baltimore this week. Say a prayer for me.
  10. I will not start him tonight but he has a two start week next week against scrub teams I just hope I can make it to the ship to utilize him.
  11. We rolling him out with confidence tonight?
  12. AB is a secret genius he pretended to be a nut to get on a super bowl contender.
  13. I bet he throws another fit before Monday night.