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  1. This post was kind of surprising to see about a player who has seemingly contributed in a valuable way to my team on a consistent basis... makes me think harder about whether I'm biased towards overvaluing him (and my own players in general). Second base is definitely well stacked with talent right now. That being said, two counterpoints: McNeill missed about a month total due to injury this year, which is good to keep in mind if you're only looking at his counting stats. Also, there are several second basemen that are losing eligibility for next year: Javy Baez, Yuli Gurriel, JoRam and Moncada. That's only gonna increase the demand for McNeill, who has a moderately high floor. Overall, in keeper leagues I can't see keeping McNeill unless the league goes 10+ deep with keepers.
  2. Injured his groin attempting to steal second base. Why the hell do they have him attempting to steal a base? Going for MRI to determine the severity. Seems like you can count on him spending one to two months per season in the DL. It's gonna be tough, given his injury-proneness, to draft him early enough to actually get him next year. His HR numbers are amazing, especially as a catcher, but in h2h leagues he's now probably gonna be on the shelf for a lot of fantasy playoffs.
  3. Agreed. And we're talking somebody who, in almost any type of fantasy format, has been an undisputed top-2 player the last two seasons. I could see him dropping to mid-1st round, mayyyybe, but unless there's any big off-season news about this injury affecting him long-term I can't see him falling beyond that. I'd still take him top-3 in any league as of right now.
  4. Terrible news. Hope he makes a full recovery in the offseason.
  5. He threw exactly two innings in his last appearance, 3 innings in the one before that. They have Maeda in long relief as well. I'd be shocked if Stripling goes more than 4 innings. The Dodgers have said they intend to keep him in the bullpen the rest of the year; they have no reason to try to stretch him out tomorrow.
  6. I wouldn't argue against him as the top-hitting 2b in the game right now. Gotta think this will probably be a career year as far as batting average goes, but no reason he still can't put up fantastic overall numbers again next year. Between that and his 2b/CF (and SS on sites where 10 games qualifies) eligibility, I'm starting to come around to him being drafted in the mid/late second round next year.
  7. Soto has more SB than Marte this season. Soto 12 SB in 13 attempts, Marte 9 SB in 11 attempts. Marte isn't really a base-stealer, looking at his career numbers. 37 SB in 50 attempts over 536 games. EDIT: I had the wrong Marte - I was thinking Ketel. My mistake, sorry about that.
  8. Yup. If Vlad Jr started his career the way Soto did, people would already be calling him a 1st ballot hall of famer and top 4 pick. No way Soto should drop to the 2nd round next year IMO.
  9. Time to bench him for 5 more games. 😠
  10. Agreed. In standard 5x5, I might take Acuña or Yelich over Trout at this one. But H2H and/or points leagues, I'm still taking Trout.
  11. Yordan has been so dominant I could see him edging out some of those other guys (namely Bogaerts & Marte), but really neither he nor Bo has the extended track record that most of the others do. You could argue Tatis doesn't either, but the power/speed combo he displayed, at his age, was too amazing to be ignored next year.
  12. Red offense is just killing Gray. He's 5-1 in his last 10 starts. In the 5 games he didn't get the win, he's pitched 31.2 innings and allowed 5 runs, 4 of which were earned.
  13. #$*& this guy. Cutting and will never own again.
  14. In a redraft, maybe he's in that tier, but even then I think he gets drafted after every single player you just listed. He's a late first rounder at best IMO.