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  1. HA! Of course! Better to be wrong in this case. With Carrasco I'm always worried about injury.
  2. Set alerts to when I post and you can point out whenever I am wrong. I will happen alot, I promise you.
  3. Yeah, after those last two starts I was convinced he was hurt. With his injury history I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop (he was rough to own for a few years because of it). Huge, huge game today. He was so sharp. I just hope for some sustained consistency. He has the stuff.
  4. I was wrong, do you want me to make a post about it.
  5. I don't have the link but it was one of those "Verdict" articles, they didn't have much positive to say about him.
  6. The worst thing I can say about this guy is that he plays for the comically inept Colorado Rockies. It is really the only cause for concern. However, it is a big problem with the way they have treated him and other young players.
  7. Yeah, won’t drop him. Good to know about the exit velocity. I’ve had him for years and he can be streaky. Wouldn’t want to miss one
  8. He had never put together a complete season before last year. 2016 he missed 20 games (so about 3 weeks) and had a .208 average with a complete power outage in the second half. 2015 he was just flat out bad. Point is, he doesn't have the equity to preach extreme patience. He had a career year and I bought his breakout. I lost on that gamble to this point. Oh well, thank God outfield is deep.
  9. Yes, I expect the same. Will leave him on my DL as long as they let me.
  10. He also doesn't have the equity of a guy like Goldschmidt. I knew 2017 was a career year but this is pathetic. He will probably be a waiver wire guy by June if this continues. He just doesn't have the track record to be super patient. In fact, his second halves have traditionally been alot worse than his firsts. If that doesn't scare you..
  11. He does look terrible and I think the only option right now is the bench. 2017 looking like an extreme outlier, he just is not that good right now. Positives, his K rate is going down. But at what expense? Like you said, he's not getting any XBHs
  12. He's benched until further notice. I know the data, but I watch the games, he doesn't look good. 2017 looks like an extreme career year.
  13. Marcell Ozuna has been a huge bust and nobody seems to mind. Thank god outfield is super deep
  14. I rostered him for a bit in a OBP and K league. The counting stats just aren’t there but he’s not going to go 0-4 with 3ks. Also, he will get you a hit per night on average. The issue is he gives you nothing in the counting stats cats. Nice guy to have to jot kill you, but won't carry you either. He's easy to cut when there is a shinny new toy on the wire.
  15. Ha! That would have been more entertaining than what happened