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  1. Cam will be the QB when he's healthy and returns. If he's on your wire and have a need I'd pick him up this week (they have the bye) cuz he will be harder to add going into week 8 if he's named the starter.
  2. I'm trying to figure out how the WR production will shake out with Darnold under center and I think that this guy is probably the one to own, although Anderson will provide more boom/bust if you prefer the high ceiling potential from week to week.
  3. His performance might give him a crumbs worth of trade value in your league as a throw in, or as a desperation play by someone in need. Glass even fuller, AP did have 195 points in .5 PPR leagues last year (he did in mine) so maybe a new coach and a bit more dedication to giving AP consistent touches could make him a serviceable play as a flex, bye week fill in, or (gulp) a RB2 if you have nothing better. Hey, stranger things have happened right? 🤣
  4. He had 4 carries. Crab Legs turning the ball over 5 or 6 times (he had so many I lost count) killed any chances for the running game to be a factor. When he's gotten double digit carries he's been productive. I would not drop him unless I had to.
  5. I sat JuJu with Hodges going and played this guy yesterday. I might have to start him RoS. At some point you have to figure the production is no fluke.
  6. He's had back to back WR1 seasons with 200+ points in .5 PPR the last couple of years. He does this. I think he had 6 single digit games last year with those 200+ points.
  7. I sat him with the 3rd string QB getting the start. I'll plug him back in when Rudolph returns and see how it goes. It was pretty clear to me that he was a sit under the circumstances on Sunday (unless you had no other options).
  8. The split is tough to read because the game was so one sided early on with the Chargers down 21 or 24 to 0 at one point, but the snaps went this way Sunday. It was only Gordon's 2nd game back too. Chargers Week 6 RB snaps: Melvin Gordon - 60% Austin Ekeler - 45%
  9. How do you practice in full on Friday but be a game time decision? I'd have to imagine he's going to play.
  10. If Lindsay ever missed time this guy would be gold. Sadly unless that happens this backfield will continue to be one of the more frustrating owns in the league.
  11. I picked him up yesterday to get ahead of the waiver run next week. If you want him and he's on your wire I'd advise you to pick him up before rosters lock tomorrow cuz he could be a hot add on the Wednesday/Thursday waiver run.
  12. He won't be good until Darnold returns. Well, he won't be himself until that happens. It's actually not a bad time to buy low if u can absord some pedestrian games till SD is back under center.
  13. Burkhead has been ruled out. The Skins blow. I hate to say but I'm thinking of flexing him tomorrow. Michel really did well when Burkhead missed time last year. If you have better options by all means use them, but if you're in a pickle he could be a sneaky good play.