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  1. Caleb Smith 2018 Outlook

    I wish I started him this week but you can't start everybody. The K's are real it seems. SD K's a ton, and Arizona has a gawd awful offense. He's certainly a 2 start option in all formats next week.
  2. Greg Holland 2018 Outlook

    Could this guy get DFA'd? I mean, he's been baaaaaaaad. My guess is they would phantom DL him to give him a break, get some rehab games in, and start fresh. Damn tho.
  3. Marcus Semien 2018 Outlook

    He's been terrific, and there is room for HR and SB growth ROS based on his norms. Excellent mid to late round, if not FA addition for those of us who have him.
  4. Jack Flaherty 2018 Outlook

    If all 6 starters are healthy, and the Cards opt to go with a 5 man, I hate to say I think Flaherty is the odd man out. That being said, I think CMart is going to be babied back. So there's a little time to go. Even if he is demoted, in deep leagues you should not drop this kid unless you can't spare the roster spot. Something always happens where teams need that extra starter. While I don't wish injury upon anyone, who knows if Reyes' elbow holds up at the pro level. Any tiny twinge he feels and he will be shut down. That kid is will be handled with extreme care.
  5. Cole Hamels 2018 Outlook

    Pitched great against the Yankees last night. Time to sell, or are we seeing vintage Cole Hamels? He's K'ing over a batter per inning.
  6. Jameson Taillon 2018 Outlook

    Well obviously last night wasn't we we owners were hoping for. The Scooter Ginnett grand slam really hurt him. I'm still a believer in his ability. I just might have to be a little more cautious, or match up conscious with him, moving forward. The kid has good stuff. He just needs to find his grove I think.
  7. Paul Goldschmidt 2018 Outlook

    At this point you can't sell. The return would most likely be brutal, and should he eventually turn it around you'll have to watch the guy who just stiffed you reap the benefits.
  8. Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook

    This kid is way better than I was lead to believe. It's odd cuz he was a consensus top 5 MLB prospect, yet it seemed like the projections from most pundits seemed to be a .275 hitter with 15 home run power, and 15 SB potential. Solid numbers, but not exactly what you'd think from a top 5 prospect. If what we're seeing is legit, and not just a hot stretch, then this kid is a Lindor like talent at the MLB level. The hit tool is impressive. More so than advertised.
  9. Miguel Cabrera 2018 Outlook

    He's back next week is my guess.
  10. Devin Mesoraco 2018 Outlook

    HR #3 with the Mets last night.
  11. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Bombs away. Here we go I hope.
  12. Travis Jankowski 2018 Outlook

    The Padres face 3 lefty starters next week. Will this kid sit vs them, or has he been starting vs left handers too? I have to drop a guy to pick him up, but if he might start 3, and sit 3, I'd rather hold onto the other player. Thoughts?
  13. May Closer Thread 2018

    Soria got destroyed in a non-save last night. The confusion continues in Chicago.
  14. Jameson Taillon 2018 Outlook

    Someone dropped him in a h2h points league this morning, and I immediately gobbled him up. Be patient people. He's going to be a quality SP with a solid era and good whip.
  15. May Closer Thread 2018

    Is Blake Parker worth an add in a deep 12 team roto redraft? I know Anderson is the name a lot people seem to be higher on, but Parker did close for that nut job manager at the end of last year, and he did a decent job. He seems to be back on track after a shaky start to the season too. It just sucks that Sciosciopath is so deranged when it comes to naming a closer. The closer market kinda blows this year with so many bad teams, and unsettled committees.