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  1. My pitching was my strength this year and I got rocked yesterday by having Turnbull, Bassit, Archer, and Luke Jackson. Ouch. Luckily it's early in the week and I can play some matchups the rest of the week but boy did that hurt.
  2. In 77 games in his career batting first, he has 348 plate appearances. He's slashing .330/.411/.640 with a 177 wRC+. He has a 20% k rate and ~11% walk rate. 23 home runs and 16 steals. This is cherrypicking based on batting order, but he's obviously shown that something just clicks for him hitting first. His HR/FB rate is really high at 27% but the other numbers don't seem so out of place that this is a total mirage.
  3. A couple of points. Fangraphs has his xFIP at 3.69 and FIP at 2.89. If you sort based on xFIP that still puts him at #37 for pitchers with at least 40IP. His HR/FB rate is low but even as that goes up, he has shown the ability to limit base runners which may blunt the impact of home runs. He also has a stellar defense behind him which should also neutralize some base runners and runs. Again, in a dynasty/keeper format, it seems like an easy hold, especially with Pache likely up next year, improving an already phenomenal defense. For those in win leagues, he should rack up a healthy amount and he seems efficient enough to at least give us 6IP a start for those of us in QS leagues.
  4. Starting but only because I could use the Ks and I'm banking on my studs being studs to keep my ratios low. That being said, I may bench him at the last time because I don't have nerves of steel.
  5. As I was about to type out my reply, I see that Weaver gave up 2ER.
  6. Nasty Soroka. K Belt and Panda looking. Painting those edges. I know it's the Giants but I'm not sure what team is getting hits off Soroka tonight. I think I've seen 4 hard hit balls, one of those being the home run. Everyone else is just rolling over.
  7. I actually edited my comment to better reflect what I was trying to ask which really was, why do teams look at it like innings caps? Seems too simple of an approach to consider workload over the year. I've gotta think they have more advanced measures to indicate when to bench for the rest of the year.
  8. I've always wondered why teams look at it like innings caps. A 7 inning 80 pitch performance is way different that 6IP and 100 pitches. Innings caps are really misleading but in terms of innings caps, the 6IP performance should yield better longevity for the year.
  9. Very sad I missed Riley in my dynasty league. Another homerun.
  10. Acuna is looking so comfortable at the top of the lineup. He's crushing the ball.
  11. Thanks for helping on mine. I also wouldn't drop Hicks for Rodgers right now. No idea what the adjustment period will be for Rodgers and we already know Hicks can hit. The question mark for him is his back.
  12. Thanks. What about for Matt Chapman? Feels like a decline but I can drop Turner since it's only an 8 team. Leaves me with Vlad and Machado as 3b and IF spots and I use Chapman in my util spot but i feel overloaded at 3b