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  1. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    Re-Reading my previous post. I might have portrayed him the wrong way. Everything I said was what I have seen so far using the eyeball test. But, the talent is there. It just needs to all come together. Some positives for tucker. He has sneaky speed. If he gets on base he's looking to steal. He's gotten on base a few times I saw and he stole both times but the batter hitting put it in play 1 time and struck out to end the inning another time during the steal. He has been making hard contact, he's just not barreling the bat. Pitchers aren't giving him many strikes to hit right now because they know he's swinging at pitches out of the zone and they don't have to throw strikes. With time, his patience will come and force pitchers to throw strikes. If he can get on base, he will create runs and stolen bases. Then with a better approach the home runs and rbi's and avg. will come. As far as holding or dropping. This is my advice. I'm going to hold, let him see if he changes anything after the all-star break. Give him 2 weeks after the break to show me something. If he's still showing the same approach, if you don't have room on the bench then drop. If you have room to stash, then stash. <It's tough because you don't want to drop then all the sudden he turns it on, on someone else's team. But on the flipside, you don't won't to keep playing him out of hope and he's killing your categories. Just hold, don't drop yet, and do a wait and see for 2 weeks after all star break. Then decide...
  2. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    I live in Houston and have watched every at bat for Tucker. When he steps into the batter's box he looks calm & collective. Blowing bubbles with his gum. Like he's been there before and he's about to do something. Then the pitches come. He just starts swinging at everything. Way too anxious, swinging for the fences. Just not good at bats. Swinging at pitches way out of the zone. Then a fastball comes right down the middle and he watches it. Then when he strikes out. He's walks back to the bench blowing bubbles again like they just struckout Barry Bonds or something. I like the confidence, but he needs to relax during the at bats. I think him playing in a Houston (World Series Champions) lineup he feels like he has to prove something right a way. I think he's trying too hard and just needs a better approach at the plate. Just calm down and wait for your pitch. If he played on a CWS or Marlins team he wouldn't feel as much pressure. By the way, I remember when Jose Ramirez (Cle) made his major league debut. He struggled mightly, then he got sent back down to the minors for the rest of the year. Now looks where he's at now. I think this might be the case for Tucker. Get a taste of the majors. Go back down, know what you need to work on. Then next year come back more relaxed knowing what you need to do. As a fantasy owner of Tucker, not sure if I want to hold him anymore for the year. But next year yea. Bregman struggled also when he got called up. Now he's dialed in. "Rookies gonna Rookie." P.S. Teams are playing the shift defensively already on him. Didn't expect that from teams so soon. Not sure if they play shifts in the minors. but the shifts might be messing with his head...
  3. Shane Greene 2018 Outlook

    Wondering if he will resume the closer role when he returns from the DL for trade value
  4. Michael A. Taylor 2018 Outlook

    Everytime I pick him up, he doesn't play for like 4 games in a row. I drop him then he plays 4 in a row w/ steals. Pick him back up, he doesn't play multiple games in a row. I drop him then he plays multiple games in a row w/ more steals. Just picked him back up 2 days ago, now sitting 2 games in a row. I'm wondering if I'm a curse. Frustrating!
  5. Carlos Correa 2018 Outlook

    I live in Houston and get to watch the Astros. I was excited to get Correa on my fantasy team. When I watch Springer, Bregman, Gurriel, Gattis bat, they all go up there ready to hit. They like to swing at first pitches and seem to be aggressive. When I watch Correa come up to bat, he seems to be boring. He will hardly ever swing at the first 3 pitches. He will watch, watch, watch, watch. Then once when he gets 2 strikes. Then he swings. His approach seems to be different this year compared to last year. I understand being patient. But geez, is there such a thing as being too patient. Seems like he's looking to walk every plate appearance. The best pitch is usually the first pitch and he never swings at it. Am I missing something here, maybe you'll can give me a better understanding about his approach at the plate..
  6. Eric Thames 2018 Outlook

    Any reason Thames is leading off lately. Seems like Aguilar should bat 3rd, Thames 4th, and I guess Braun 5th.
  7. Rendon for Bregman

    I like bregman. I actually tried to tade Rendon for Bregman and got declined.
  8. Justin Smoak 2018 Outlook

    Would you drop him if you had my team? he's 1 for 21 with 9 strikeouts of late. I'm in a 12 team 5x5 Rotisserie league. c: B. Posey 1b: J. Aguilar 2b: I. Kinsler 3b: B. Anderson ss: C. Correa of: N. Cruz of: E. Rosario of: C. Gonzalez Util: E. Thames Util: J. Smoak Bench: J.T. Realmuto, S. Schebler, Jung Ho Kang, T. Jankowski SP: L. Severino, A. Nola, M. Bumgarner, R. Stripling, Hyun Jin Ryu RP: E. Diaz, B. Treinen, B. Parker, S. Dominguez, D. Winkler
  9. Ryan Braun 2018 Outlook

    At what point is he droppable? Can now be a good time? He's killing me...Last 14 days for Braun (BA .139 2 R 0 HR 1 RBI) Trying to be patient, it's hard.