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  2. Another save today. Like I said, he is just fine.
  3. Nelson Cruz (elbow) expected back Wednesday Nelson Cruz (elbow) is expected to return to the Mariners' lineup Wednesday. Advice: Cruz hasn't played since being hit on the left elbow by a pitch Saturday, but he's feeling better and manager Scott Servais indicated that the slugger probably could've played Tuesday, but "I wanted to give Nelson another day." Cruz has been banged up often this season, dealing with a sprained ankle and bruised foot in addition to the elbow malady. Today, 10:28 am He's going to play today. Hopefully he stays healthy
  4. No it's not. He has 7 HR's, 17 RBI's this month, with a .236 average. Not a great average, but the power numbers are there. He barely takes days off, which is rare for most catchers. He went on a tear in the 2nd part of the year last year. He has weaknesses in his game, but those numbers aren't enough for me to completely write him off.
  5. Apparently he got an MRI today. It should be interesting as to whether the results determine he will/won't need to go on the DL.
  6. HR, 2 RBI's, 3 game hitting streak going, one of the highest exit velocities in the game. Why no love for this guy? This thread has been dead for nearly 2 weeks.
  7. Khris Davis still isn't on the DL yet, and I need a roster spot!
  8. I'm going to try, hopefully I'm able to get him. To me, he's been the best pitcher of that staff this year, even better than Nola. just me though.
  9. That's the thing I'm grappling with. Even Wacha has rebounded from his early season struggles. If A 6 man rotation is used, it would be better than Flaherty getting demoted though. But he's 51% owned for a reason, but I'm sticking with him for now. 13 K's, a 2.31 ERA, and a 1.03 WHIP should be enough to earn him a permanent rotation spot. But because of his circumstances, he might end up being a drop for me once Reyes comes back.
  10. He's starting today, batting 6th, LF. Let's hope he has another great game today!
  11. The innings limit scared off a lot of owners, including me. But then he pitched 7 innings last night. So I'm going to pick him up if he falls through waivers. I'm not seeing any signs of an inning limit for him.
  12. I meant Reyes, my bad. And maybe because of his volatile roster status. Martinez is coming off the DL soon, so maybe people are figuring Flaherty will get demoted? His ownership rate is still barely above 50%. I'm not sure though, I figured he would be worth the flier in case he stays.
  13. There has been a lot of chatter about him being sent back to the minors in favor of Lopez. I find that hard to believe given that he just got 13 K's his last game. But still, that looming threat prevented me from picking him up until this morning. How are fellow Flaherty owners feeling about him?