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  1. I'm out. As soon as he has another one of his rare big games I'll try to trade him to someone who still remembers what the Rams used to be.
  2. His 4.4 40 probably has something to do with it. He's fast.
  3. Well he was one of the best wr in the league first few games vs very tough opposition. Keenum is just good enough they him some touches late in games after the other team has quit trying.
  4. Hoping for a garbage time TD maybe.
  5. U must be stacked. Both need to be started.
  6. As long as keenum gets to play ROS Terry will be solid WR2. If Colt or haskins play he's fringe flex play. Possible bench guy.
  7. This is a good thing. We want our boy back at full strength down the stretch. The last thing we want is to bring him back early and he re-aggrevates it and is out for the season. They have nothing to play for this year so they'll shut him down without hesitation if they need to.
  8. Montgomery is a, decent back, but he's not elite. It would take a saquon barkley/nick chubb level player to overcome the mediocrity that surrounds montgomery in the Bears offense.
  9. Wrs can be double teamed and shut down. The team can just throw to the other wr. Rbs have guaranteed touches tho. Thus making them far more valuable.
  10. He isn't playing. No way. They'll bring him back on two weeks. Dirty a** belichick will probably tell his guys to step on the hurt ankle.
  11. I think that they're just bluffing to give the Pats something else to spend practice time prepping for. I see him coming back after the Thursday game. Week 7.
  12. Minshew is real. The fact that he has two solid receivers and a great running back will keep defenses honest. And even if he fails Foles will be back at some point.
  13. Only Adams and Jones are fantasy viable in this offense. I'm done.
  14. Play the man. Not the matchup. These "experts" have no idea what they're talking about.