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  1. OK... Who cares... Why are we talking about DJ LeMahieu? I was using him as an example. Replace LeMahieu with any player who will give fewer than 20.
  2. In Colorado... Were he on the Mets it would be 4 and 10 tops. Which is what McNeil is looking like he will be delivering at this point.
  3. I was just using those numbers as loose examples. I really just need a combination of 20 homers and steals. Anything less I can't do. And you misunderstood my point about Murphy. I was saying that I don't want to have this guy on my roster all season hoping that he becomes Daniel Murphy when in fact he's really just DJ Lamahieu.
  4. No. McNeil has the potential to be huge if he could hit 10-15 homers and steal 10-15 bases. But he could also hit 7-8 homers with 5 steals. I don't want to waste my entire fantasy season waiting on this guy to become Daniel Murphy. So if he isn't giving me something in a few weeks I'd definitely drop him for someone like kingery. But not yet.
  5. Well no one right now. But like I said in a few weeks I'm sure I'll find someone worthy of his spot on my bench if he's not homering or stealing.
  6. It's a game of musical chairs in the first few months of the season. Who's a bust? Who's breaking out? Who's on the decline? McNeil is good for now, but like I said... By the first of May or so if he's not giving me steals or homers I'm out.
  7. If he stays hot they're not going to be able to take him out of the lineup. Young guys sometimes take a year or two before they explode. Kingery was a monster in the miners. Kapler will explore this...
  8. This is happy hour fantasy wise. This is the time when stars are still on the wire. To miss out on a real player because u have this guy taking up space is a risk.
  9. The question is how long do you wait for the power and speed from a guy who's never proven anything at the big league level. Yes he could hit 3 homers and steal 3 bases every month rest of season. But he could also only hit 5 and steal 5. Without a big league track record how long do you cross your fingers and hope that he does something other than hit for high average. And yes I'm only speaking for standard yahoo. Of course he's good if you have 15 hitter slots to fill.
  10. Don't really care what you need... But the second post was clearly different from the first. Illustrating that he's a sub Par player right now. He stole 7 bases last year but before that he wasn't a base stealer at all in the minors. There is cause for concern.
  11. Average alone won't cut it in fantasy. He's at 418 average right now and only ranked #170 on yahoo. Gotta have either power or speed too.
  12. I love the average but without homers or steals this guy is worthless for fantasy. I'll hold on to him for a while longer to see if he has a power or steals surge. I'm jumping ship if he hasn't done anything in another few weeks tho.
  13. Zero homers. Zero steals. Not sure how viable a guy who only gives you batting average is.