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  1. That’s about as high upside as you can get for $60. I really like it. Just play the waiver wire throughout the year and you’ll be field a competitive team
  2. All 3 of my keep forever leagues I have Vlad jr. For redraft I ended up with the 8th and 7th pick in pick in 3 12 team leagues and have trea turner and Baez in each of them 😥.
  3. Villar/ Camargo or schebler or Josh James/billy hamilton 12 team h2h POINTS not categories 35 man rosters
  4. If your in win now mode yes. If your team is garbage and rebuilding then no.
  5. Depending on Kershaw and Darvish’s health this year this really isn’t a bad rotation if you have elite hitters. Post your entire lineup for a better evaluation.
  6. Picking up where he left off in 2018. 2 run bomb
  7. Final update: apparently the majority of the league felt this way an it ended up being vetoed by majority of the league. I basically told everyone in the league to keep an eye on any shady moves and it seems as if most of them are keeping close tabs now. The final sentiment is this may not be a 100% veto at first look but it was a lopsided deal that would throw off the competitive balance of the league. Thanks for the opinions.
  8. Very solid all around team I really like it for a points league! If Vlad gets called up in April and does what he’s supposed to your looking like a championship level team. As always though make sure to watch the waiver wire closely. In a 10 team league you’ll find a bunch of gems this year
  9. I wouldn’t pick those guys up of the wire just yet. But in my opinion more often than not leagues are won on the wire so if keep a close eye on who is hot throughout the year. You have a lot of high upside guys that could have very low floors as well. Thanks for the help with mine
  10. If that’s your team so far I love it in a 5x5 league. Give me Vlad and best pitcher available there. Even if Vlad doesn’t do huge things this year you can potentially keep him as a 4th rounder going forward? If so that’s 100% worth taking the risk especially if you can keep forever.
  11. Very close but no I personally wouldn’t. If wheeler is anything like his second half of last year you’ll regret this trade all year. Freeman is a nice upgrade but I’d rather hold out hope that Votto rebounds and now is in a very potent lineup. All of the points leagues I’ve been in favor pitchers.
  12. I’d like an elite bat in the first and second because of the pitchers available right at 30 or after 30 in Snell, Bauer, Carrasco, syndergaard, Cole (might go before 30 but you could get lucky) but you get the point.
  13. 14 team h2h points. Can keep 3. Can keep players forever adding $5 each year to each players previous year price. $260 total budget. I can keep Vlad $15, Soto $15, Buehler $8. My only other worthy options would be clevinger $11, Marte $18, Correa $20, rizzo $22, sale $60. Im leaning towards the young guys to have 3 legit building block type players
  14. Altuve/Castellanos for Greinke/Cain redraft no keepers and it’s a money league we just had the draft two weeks ago and the guy took altuve 4th. It’s a 1st and 5th round pick for a 5th and 7th round pick. I joined the league from right here on rotoworld and it’s paid through leaguesafe. Is this a ridiculous trade to make before the season even starts? It seems like something is fishy here.... who in the world trades there 1st and 5th for a 5th and 7th??? Some in the league agree it’s an instant veto while some are ok with it...