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  1. I wonder if dropping him in the order takes some pressure off him. Maybe it’s not a bad thing to put him there a while?
  2. My feeling is I'd usually rather have a great bat and would go Yelich. Scherzer is the exception to the rule though, and If you want to dominate pitching, you could go Scherzer and not worry about pitching and really lock in on batting the rest of the draft. Usually my rule Is I need 1 or 2 sure things for my starting pitchers and with Nola I think you have one sure thing. What I will say is you know your league better than any of us, how much do people value pitchers, is this points or H2H?
  3. I've never done an auction league but have to say I love what you did with your pitchers. The only person that I don't love the price on is Robles, but if you're a big believer I can understand it.
  4. This team looks well rounded to me. You should be fairly good with steals between Mondesi, Beni and JRam. Power shouldn't be a problem with judge, Rizzo Ramirez as well. I love Flaherty as a number 2, but like Baur10 said, pitching might be slightly on the weak side if there's anything to nitpick.
  5. 10 Team 7x7 (Avg,OBP,HR,RBI,R,SB,TB/IP,W,S,K,K/BB,ERA,WHIP) H2H Traded: Rendon, Pham, R. Hill Received: Jose Ramirez
  6. He said he’s add Hamels on his end, not necessarily elite but would help the gap a lot I think.
  7. I don’t think so, it’s maybe a one round reach but it’s certainly looking like this is the year.
  8. Bump- He’s getting antsy. What if if I swapped beni with pham and moved pham rendon and carrasco for Trout?
  9. True and if you attribute everything to injury then sure, dive back in. I just don't know if I feel confident that's the end of the conversation. His arrow is pointing down for me.
  10. I feel as though he's going too early is what I was trying to say. At that spot I think there are safer options. Although I do proscribe to the theory of nabbing value when it slides. Sorry, might not have been clear.
  11. Really good in depth follow up, thank you! Yea, I can see where you're coming from. To add another wrinkle, my only extra batter is Ohtani, which means I actually would pick up even less stats because I need waiver wire guys to fill that gap. Makes me think this is still steep. I always find pitching to be a little overrated, I like my ability to stream but I have essentially one known legit pitcher in Flaherty if I move Corrasco.
  12. Maybe you're right, I like the general balance of the team but by the same token can stream one additional pitcher and most likely don't lose hitting categories from this move. The bench clearing might be a good thing too.
  13. Hi All, 10 Team, H2H 7x7 League with the following categories: R,HR,RBI,SB,TB,AVG,OBP/IP,W,K,ERA,WHIP,K/BB,NSV. The Trout owner in my league has suggested I trade Benintendi, Rendon and Carrasco for Trout and 2 scraps. This seems steep for me but it is Trout. I feel strong in avg,steals,tb and runs but a little week in power. FYI if you're wondering how this team is this strong we do allow draft pick trading so I was able to get a pretty good lineup. (2 Second Round picks, 2 third Round picks and keepers). All comments and feedback is greatly appreciated! Team Below:
  14. I'm hesitant on him for some reason, he had a great year but doesn't scream safe to me when you look at where he's going in drafts.
  15. I like him any time after round 8/9 tbh. I think people will fade him and every year there's value to be had with pitchers like this. Anecdotally I took him in round 9 but 30 players were kept in my league. I took him over Wheeler and I might be in the minority with the decision but I think he's going to come back and still be very viable, even if he's never a sub 2.5, K monster like he once was.